PIP Pathway Into Poverty


I am due to be assessed for PIP in 2015, when I will  be 66.

I was assessed as Higher Mobility indefinitely. If I fail to be assessed as enhanced mobility when my Parkinson's gets even more of a problem I'll be too old to get the higher mobility of DLA, because once you are 65 you cannot apply for DLA.

This means I can not keep the motoblity car and can not reapply for one. Anybody got any thoughts on this

Hi Bunny

Like you I'm dreading the new PIP reassessments. My husband and I both struggle with mobility but fear we won't meet the criteria for the higher rate under the new rules. We rely heavily on our car and don't know how we'd manage without it. I feel like "forgetting" to take any meds on the assessment day so I'm at my very worst but I'm too honest to do this.

Why is it that although pension age has increased the cut off age for DLA hasn't changed?

Hi Bunny

I am in exactly the same position & I am worried that under the PIP new rules that i will not get it. I also have a motobility car & need an automatic now so won't be happy if I lose it as I rely on it so much. They don't understand that Parkinson's is a degenerative condition & also very variable from day to day or hour to hour. I have thought about forgetting to take my medication also.


I cannot make any accurate predictions on this subject,however, the anxiety you show over the subject is very real whether founded or not....that was just how I felt when Incapacity benefit was changed to ESA. There was so much bad publicity on the go that it was no wonder it caused so much anxiety.
I hope this will be of some comfort to you and proves to be the case for you when the time comes.
If you have been awarded any benefit in the past and your circumstances remain unchanged without hope of improvement in the future...then those benefits will remain whatever new name any Government decides to give them. Just as with Incapacity Benefit...while the right of appeal exists then appeals in all cases would swamp the system and leave the system itself  and the Government of the day in an untenable and unworkable position.
Lets just hope that common sense and justice wins out in the end.....perhaps you might want to pause for thought the next time you put a cross on a candidates name at the ballot box.





What a nightmare ....i made a initial telephone call to start the process early  September  i was told the usual  that within the next ten days i would get ' part 2 '

Well the form did not arrive i duly called DWP only to be told  that they did not have enough information about me on there system to identify me  which i thought some what strange when i had other benefits so was on Dwp system  , i was told i would be sent a letter to take to my local job centre with a suitable form of identification  until that was done the PIP claim would  not progress any further

After numerous telephone calls  to DWP  about the form i  told that they do not know why i am not being sent the form i was told i would get a call back within 5 days to try sort it out

Well here we are 7 weeks later no form no call back nothing


Anyone else had similar problems ?



Peter, the DLA budget was cut by 20% when it became PIP, and the criteria for qualifying for higher rate mobility was changed to 20 metres, meaning that anyone who can walk 20 metres or more may not qualify for higher rate mobility, even if they are getting it now.

This, and the disastrous Work Capability Assessments (WCA) which have passed many people as 'fit for work' just weeks before death, is just part of the reason I signed and am helping to promote the WOW petition. This calls for a cumulative impact assessment of welfare reform as it applies to sick and disabled people, and an end to the WCA (as called for by the British Medical Association in 2012. Please have a look at www.wowpetition.com It has nearly 80,000 signatures, and needs 100,000 by 12th December to trigger a Parliamentary debate.

There are only three  things 100% certain in life death taxes and a tory government taking  benefits  from  the  sick  poor and  jobless, I am  waiting  patiently  for  the  opposition parties to  make  a  bit  of  a racket  over  this  shameful theft of our rights     and entitlements, all I hear is  silence??




                Well I have had a visit from  the  guy   who fills  in  the  forms,  then  a  young lady  who  filled  them  in  again  whilst  asking questions  about  my  disability  , do  these  people I am  going  to  somehow  effect a  total  recovery, and  that  I am  only  pretending  to  be  98% shut  down  and  immobile or  that  I enjoy  waking  up  to  struggle  to  the  loo , for  the  first  time  since  childhood  I wet  myself  last  night I feel ashmed and  demeaned by  parkies invasion   now I  have  been  on  the  highest level  of  DA,  and  since   I  was awarded that  level  of  entitlement my  health  has  worsened   but  I am not  confident in receiving the  highest PIP i WILL UPDATE IN 6 WEEKS  thats how long I will have  to  wait.                        


It is without doubt the most degrading thing that I have ever had to do in my life so far, it feels to me like you having to almost apologise and beg for assistance when you have a recognised neurological degenerative condition I just do not understand the reasoning behind it at all. I fully appreciate that many people have conned the system for years and years which is why its probably in the state that it is in now but when you have a recognised condition and you are struggling to not only keep yourself together but house and home too through no fault of your own where is the compassion the understanding the nature of this illness.....I did not apply for benefits as soon as I was diagnosed because I did not need to but now I do and my god how much do I hate having to go through it. All the best and fingers crossed for you