Pip refused 1 point

I missed pip by one point as I stupidly went to my interview alone trying to be realy positive.

Mandatory turned down and now appeal looks like being refused

Why did I bother

Because you entitled to it don't give in did you have help from pduk or your pdsw give them a ring


I'm amazed The GOV says one thing and does another, they say they recogise illness'S such as our's bla bla and that we are unlikely  to get better so what's the point of re assessments and assessments and that we should be SUPPORTED.

Then they withold so many from getting that SUPPORT.

One Point is laughable

C'mon Parkinson's Uk sort this sillyness  out.

i totally agree i cannot remember the exact day & month when i was reading on this pduk forum saying when applying we should say about are good days & bad when filling the claim forms in, i would suggest anyone filling in a claim form not to even mention a good day at all as i believe this is the worst thing you could do,i also suggest pduk taking some of these stories again to the people who have lied to everyone staying people with pd would be easier to claim benefits and not put people through more upset & stress 

Hi all,

Thanks for your comments.

Labrador, I'm really sorry to hear you've not been successful with your PIP application. Unfortunately we're getting a lot of calls and enquiries from people with Parkinson's who have been denied PIP, even though it's clear they're unwell enough to qualify. Parkinson's UK has a team of advisers who are able to help you make an appeal, you can reach them via our helpline on 0808 800 0303.

Gus, Sea Angler, we're working very actively on trying to get the Government to improve PIP for people with Parkinson's. We met the Minister for Disabled People last week and raised this issue with her and in the last few months we've been very outspoken in the press about the continued failure of PIP to assess people properly. For example:

  • We were quoted in the Daily Mirror just before Christmas highlighting shocking new statistics showing that people with Parkinson's are losing support when reassessed from DLA to PIP. 
  • We worked with the Victoria Derbyshire programme to put together a whole piece on the scandal of people with Parkinson's having to return Motability vehicles as a result of incorrect PIP decisions
  • We were invited to discuss the issue on Radio 4's You and Yours in November too

We'll continue raising this issue at every opportunity, to try and make the system work properly for people with Parkinson's. 


My husband is 6months into diagnosis and still able to work. Some days its difficult as he works outside and has a fairly heavy job. When I read the comments about being denied benefits it scares me to death. I wonder what it will be like for my husband if and when the time comes that he cannot work. He has another 6 years left to retirement.....everywhere on this whole forum it seems PD people are just passed from pillar to post...see your nurse..etc etc.which is fine if you have a nurse in the area...there doesnt seem to be any REAL help around just phonelines and false promises? Am I the only one who feels like this? This isnt meant to be a "rant" just how to appears to me and my husband.....and it scares the life out if me some days....

hi Phil Reynolds, I am 67, 68 this July, but because I was not 65 in April 2013 I need to go on PIP I am on DLA Parkinsons is only one of my conditions. I am concerned that because I am 67 will they say \i have to go on to attendance allowance, as I may then lose my car, my husband is my driver, and then I will not be able to transport my electric wheelchair about, as there is no way I could afford a vehicle of that size and with a hoist without my allowance. What do you think



Babesbrown I'm not sure what age the pip entitlement ends i would contact your local pdsw as if you wait for your husband to retire may become to late to cliam and pip is not a work based benefit
Thanks phil for updating us abit more regular would keep us all in the loop cheers

Hi Scottiebronte, good question. The Department for Work and Pensions have said that they 'write to everyone who was aged 16 to 64 on 8 April 2013 (the day PIP was introduced) to tell them that their DLA is ending' in their factsheet, which you can find here.

I've done some more digging for you, and one of the DWP policy documents says that 'PIP will not be available to new claimants who are over the upper age limit (age 65 or State Pension age, whichever is higher), except where they had a previous claim to PIP or DLA which ended within the last 12 months or where they applied before that age, but that claim was not decided. Anyone making a new claim over the upper age limit will instead need to make a claim for Attendance Allowance.'

As yours is not a new claim - as you currently receive DLA - I would think that they'll invite you to apply for PIP, even though you're over the usual age limit. 

I hope this is helpful, if you'd like to discuss further, you can give our helpline a ring on 0808 800 0303.


hey all i am about too be assessed by the DWP the very next day i am going to London @the Queens sq hospital too be assessed for DBS why would i be looked by a top neuro specialist when a bod  frrom whatever they are called is going tell me that i am fit to work no matter what symptoms you have 


Good Luck Pal x

It's a joke really isn't it ( of course I know it's not and I'm not for one minute being flippant you know that don't you? ) All the best x

ive come to the conclusion that the only way to get what your entitled to and i say entitled because the vast majority of us have worked most of our lives and paid national insurance and now comes a time when we need to claim on that insurance the broker (the government/illuminati/lizzards) are trying to squirm out of paying the claim.

well ive paid the insurance and i want my claim paid and thats the way every claimant should feel so when you go to the pip interrogations show them at your worst and dont even mention the good days anything they ask you to do say no i cant do that SAFELY,ACCEPTABLY AND IN REASONABLE TIME and make sure you use those words as they are the words they will use to deny you what youre entitled to.

also best in case they get the wrong impression it would be awfull !!if you forgot to take your meds that day wouldnt it ?

i know as i do that you want to show as much as possible how well your doing and and give an impression of dealing with and coping with this bastard disease even though inside youre falling apart, well this is a time to show how parkinsons really affects you because if they havent got it they dont know so you MUST show them or theres no way youll get what your dam well entitled to.

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I really am not looking forward at all to my re-assessment, I was awarded PIP in 2014 and is now due for renewing this September 2017. I don't know why the DWP only award this PIP for a three year term, do they think that this parkinsons will go away suddenly, instantly and miraculously your better. Even the drugs we are prescribed can't make it disappear!

I know they have to assess people to sort out the shirkers who are making life worse for folks who have a genuine disabilty. Some shirkers have been beating the system for years through knowing the inside out of how it works.

Think I had better put a portfolio together sooner rather than later............Sheila 

im still on the old dla and never had a face to face for dla or esa always done on paper assessment i suppose my luck going to run out some day ! my pdsw fills forms in & i have always sent pictures of all my my meds also my dbs operation too


Hi gus, I never had an assessment when I first had my PIP, so don't know what to expect, you've done ok with no assessments as well, I suppose if you send enough info things should be ok, I also have other medical issues which they should take into account.

When did you have DBS and did you benefit from having it done do you think?



It will be 5yrs this March if i didn't have dbs i don't know where i would be now it was a god send have you seen selfbuilders YouTube video well i am just as bad as that but my head goes abit more.it's outcomes are not the same for every one but mine were 100 % better got my life back

Hi gus

Good to hear things have worked out for you.

Hope you had a good weekend.I have taken on board what you said  about my last meds at night.Sleeping a bit better.Hoping it will still improve.

Speak soon Gus xx


That's good Gus, I have a friend at our PD group who has not long had this done so is in the early stages of repair, it will give her some confidence as to the outcome for her, thanks