PIP Renewal


I have just sent off my PIP renewal form. Fully expecting to have to go through the hell of a face to face assessment. Just wondering if anybody has been through a renewal process recently and had a renewal approved just on a paper review? Or does the DWP health assssors still think that PD is something you catch and clears up with 2 teaspoons of Calpol, and insist on making you feel like some sort of benefits scrounger !!! My condition has definitley deteriorated since my original claim and it is annoying that people are made to jump through these hoops.

I read an old post earlier where one forum user requested a review due to reduced mobility issues and ended up getting his PIP stopped.

So if anybody has any tips for the interview that would be appreciated. I am hoping that they are better nowadays as PIP issues were well documented a cople of years ago.I remember coming away from the last one totally drained and angry. Worked my tits off all my life which included serving my country in the armed forces for 15 years to then be belittled by somebody that doesnt even know what Parkinson’s is.

Sorry rant over…