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I had my PIP assessment seven weeks ago. So when I received a letter on Saturday I thought it was the outcome however it was a new appointment three weeks away. I thought it was a mistake cause they have sent me two other appointments which they said was an error. 

When I phoned Capita they said the girl who did my assessment has now left so even though they have an assessment they have got to check it. They also said that I  would have to wait another 6 weeks for the outcome. 

Has anyone else had the same problem and is there anything I can do. I've been so stressed about it. I've been crying for an hour.

Best regards


Hi i had a pip home assessment back in June, I asked for a written copy of the assessment which arrived shortly after the decision, During the assessment the assessor said the assessment was recorded electronically there and then via her lap top which would be sent electronically to Atos at the end of the assessment who were carrying out the assessment, she also wrote up  a 'consideration' of the assessment recorded as the same day taking around 70 mins to put together.


I would seek some advice from the Helpline or/and a local parkinsons support worker or local disability advice service

Hi angler


i did what u said and the DWP hadt been sent my assessment. PD uk got in touch with Capita and said the girl who did my assessment had left and didn't finish my assessment which I find hard to believe because she was typing it when she was with me and she was here an hour and half. When they were sending me new appointments and I was phoning up they shouldn't have been telling me it was a mistake and cancelling them. It's take. 7 weeks for them to work this out. Now I have to start the process all over again. I feel so stressed about it I feel like going to bed and never getting up again. It's bad enough having this disease for the last 8 years without having to jump through all these hoops. So here goes another 3 months. I was an Occupational Therapist before I had to retire early. I would never have left my patients unfinished like this because I knew how stressful it is. THe people we have to deal with have no clue what it feels like to have people staring at you because you r walking like a slow robot or thrashing around like a looney when the dyskinesia sets in. Sorry rant over. Thanks for your help anyway. 


Dont be sorry for Ranting I hope it all goes well & sense prevails Shelley. You've done everything right It's their Failing at the end of the day.


I'm sorry i'ts come to this Shelley after all you have put into this. I remember you were I believe one of the first to receive your  PIP on this forum, going back a little while ago. It was round the I time started posting on the forum , and you gave everyone a lot of strenght and help along the way.

I hope it all turns well for you in your fight, I will have to go through the same thing this time next year! We have to stay strong and fight them together and help each other.

All the best - Sheila


 We have attempted to fill in the  PIP form but some of the questions are virtually impossible to answer and  the explanations explaining the  explanations  are  also  vague, we  await  a visit by  the aSSeSSor  to  aSSist us, is  thiSSS the  right  thing to do ,I know the  whole reason for making me jump  through  hoops is  to  attempt to reduce my highest level  of DLA,and divert the savings to  the Buck House Revite scheme or  finishing the two new Aircraft carriers now 9 billion a copy,   still needs  must  eh. oh  not  forgetting the HS2  to Bminghm.,  incidently I would  be  delighted  to  jump  through  hoops.  IF  ONLY





Perhaps we should all jump on the high speed train when it's finished and visit Queenie as house guests, to inspect the work that our money was used for!

Well Im  up  for it  dear Twinks, though I think  I will  be floating  round  the  Universe  with  Mam and Dad  by  the time that  project  is complete, but  I  could  haunt  it,  my  Mother  would  put  a  stop  to  my  fun  though,I can  just  hear  her  ("I  thought  you  would  have  lost  that childish  silly  streak when  you  came  up  here now  behave ") leave  those  poor  mortals  alone  ???  I  miss  them  so  much.


I know what you mean Fed......miss my parents too. Mum died 9yrs. ago and my lovely Dad (93) died this April. He was my rock, but I never told him I had Parkinson's......seemed too cruel to let on. I can disguise it very well, when I have to....no tremor you see.

Off to the final night of our village Panto soon, (done 8 performances of Cinderella). I'm the Prompt. It's bloody good too......oh yes it is!!! Big party in the pub afterwards, so jollies all round. Will probably be suffering tomorrow, but what the heck. A girl has to have some fun in life!

Will be shouting, get thee behind me Parkinson's.......when everyone's yelling, 'it's behind you'!!

Happy Sunday.   Twinks.



hi fed =were you getting dla now having to change to pip,can i ask how old you are as i thought that over 50 were going to be left alone and not have to re-apply did you contact them to change to pip or did they ,

Yes I was  on  the  highest level of  DLA   or  I am  should  I  say, and  im  66 we are  waiting  for  a  date  for  a  home  visit from a  PIPrep,, as the questions have  bamboozled  us,  I  was  told only  over  70s are  exempt

 or  is  this  just  another  ruse  to  reduce  my  entitlement ,Help

                                           Thanks  Gus                        Kind Regards FED



Cheers fed high mobility, middle care i am i have never been seen by anyone dla and pip i always get my pdsw to fill in paper work i send 9 yrs of pd paperwork ie docs,nurses,nero surgeons physio, speech therapy dvla everyone pictures of my dbs opp and aids round house pictures of all my meds i think this is enough to keep them going i also think they know there in for a battle. Good luck fed i suppose my day will come