PIP should I bother?

I’m about to embark on filling in the form from DWP. 2 questions: will they accept typed rather than hand-written? And if so, what’s the best way to do this?
Second question - I am one of these people that on a good day am perfectly (well, almost) fine, so completely independent, driving, cooking, working etc., but on a bad day am very anxious that causes me to be almost paralysed, my walking is a shuffle and have to concentrate mainly on keeping my spine straight. Not to mention anything like cooking etc.
So, do DWP understand the concept of goo and bad days? Is it worth the effort of filling in the form?
Any experience that people had will be welcome.

Hi Elinor,
We just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the forum, before you get to meet this lovely group of supportive and inspiring people. We also wanted you to know that you can call us at 0808 800 0303 to speak with an adviser, who will be more than happy to help with any forms you need to fill out.
All the best,
Moderation Team

Hi Elinor
Its always worth filling in any form that helps you claim benefits that you are entitled to. I complete forms by hand to highlight one of the degenerative effects of PD. Handwriting is one of the first things that diminishes and it shows to others (especially on forms) just how we can and do struggle.
Always, and I stress always, fill in the forms that describe how you move and feel on your worst day ever! No one can tell you when a good or bad day is coming…and neither can you!
I wouldn’t hold my breath on waiting for any DWP Sturmbannfuhrer to show any understanding or compassion during the claiming process but there’s always hope I suppose.
Good luck with your claim/

I have some experience of claiming PIP for family members (Too decrepit o claim for myself as have reached state pension age !). I would echo the advice not to minimise problems and describe what the more challenging days are like. There’s an excellent guide to the PIP points scoring system here
Good luck!