PIP, some good news


Hi Sheffin,

We’re sorry to hear about the cancellation of your Mobility Allowance. Considering the information that you’ve shared, you may want to get in contact with your local advisor to explore whether you’re entitled to any other forms of help and support.

You can find out how our local advisers can support you here or call 0808 800 0303 to speak to someone on our helpline. 

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Thank you for the info Reah, I have today spoken to my local advisor luckily before she finished for her Christmas break, that's the other problem I am up against - the Christmas break! Bit naughty of the DWP, but at the end of the day they are not really that concerned. What is odd about this award is that when I first applied I was awarded the grand total of 14 points with the same answer and am now worse at finding my way round - but that's how the cookie crumbles!

May I take the chance of welcoming you to your new position and hope you do well!

Good wishes to all the team for Christmas and the New Year


Hi Sheffin,

Thank you for the warm welcome and your well wishes! 

I'm really pleased that you were able to speak to your local advisor and I agree, the DWP were very naughty indeed for sending the results of your PIP assessment so close to Christmas. However, with the support of your local advisor, I am hoping that things will work out in your favour. 

I appreciate that this isn't the best news to receive during the festive season but I do hope you are still able to have a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year in advance! smile

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shefinn​ I'm so sorry to hear about the mobility portion of your application.  I will never be able to fathom out how these decisions are made.  Like you said, your responses were identical yet you failed to get support with your car this time around.  It just doesn't make sense.  

Sending you a cyber hug dear x



Was your inablilty to find your way around based on walking alone or when driving?


hi just sent my booklet back for pip hope im lucky and get asessed by someone who has an understanding of pd last time i was told i was too young to have pd got no points but won my appeal not looking forward to another demeaning interview




Hi Benji - I believe it was on planning and following an unfamiliar journey driving with someone with you. They said because I could go on a familiar journey unaided and could use a phone and internet that I could follow an unfamiliar journey with or without someone. They said as I' did not have any incognitive, sensory or some other impairment', they decided that I could plan and go on an unfamiliar journey! So how do you tell them you have no or very little sense of direction, and no way of holding the information in your head, let alone if you stopped and asked someone and it does'nt sink in either. Some people can do it and some others can't do it for fear of getting lost, if you rang some one you wouldn't be able to tell them where if you were asking for help, that would be totally useless because you would'nt know where you were because you were lost! Get my drift! Plus it would be dangerous because of anxiety and stress!





Does anyone know if I can request a copy of the CAPITA assessors medical report??


i think you can ask at the assessment not sure about after try calling dwp or citezens advice  number for dwp should be on your forms


I’m sure you can get a copy if you’re going for a reconsideration or appeal ,

Just got my pip result today enhanced daily living and enhanced mobility until 2027 so hopefully ten years without the stress of reassessment, though no doubt the rules will change again and will have to apply or be assessed some other way.



Hiya Cc - that is brilliant news, I'm so pleased for you, you deserve it for what you are going through. Stay focused and take care, I wish you well!

 Love Sheila xx


Thanks sheffy hope you get yours sorted out soon, was surprised to get it for ten years was not optimistic about any of it really lol,

well I’m keeping physically and mentally active best I can, good days n bad ones sometimes both in one day!

though bad days are getting more frequent I can still get my s#@t together for part of the day.

   Live well and take care.  Cc




Hi peterc - thank you for your input, and hope you get some joy this time yourself. I have heard that PD is supposed to be an older persons disease, but I have heard that there are so many younger people being diagnosed now. I was DX at the age of 57, had it now for nearly 8 years. Keep fighting........

Sheila x


thanks sheila need some morale support as on top of pip dad,s brother has passed away lost both of them within 6 wks. i,m now only one of nine of family with pd. left been stressful to see them both suffer at the end need to re,evaluate new year ,new start .hope 2018 is good to you





Hi peterc - so sorry to hear your sad news, keep your chin up matey and soldier on, that's the best medicine. I know it's easier said than done but we we all have to stay positive at times like this, things are sent to try us. Thinking about you........

Stay focused



Hi Pete,

My condolences on the passing of your father and brother. 

I can only imagine how incredibly hard this must be for you and your family. While I'm confident that you'll receive support here on the forum from your fellow members, I would also advise that you speak to a counsellor if you feel you need additional support and you can find information on this on our website here

Again, I'm truly sorry to hear about your loss and I wish you and your family all the best.

Kindest regards,




thanks for all kind words does help to lift spirits it was dad,s brother that passed away already seen parkinsons nurse i know there,s help out there i,m quite new to this .so thanks again for support



HI Shefinn, as PeterC says, the best place to start is call the DWP number on your decision letter and ask for a copy of your assessment report.