PIP, some good news

After hearing all the horror stories about applying for PIP we were pleasantly surprised last week when SWMBO got the letter confirming Higher Rate Care and Standard Rate Mobility.

This will be most helpful as she has had to reduce her hours at work to only 12, primarily due to extreme fatigue.

The forms were filled in by the local Disability Charity who were wonderful and did a very professional and detailed job.

The assessment, which we were dreading and I was geared up for a massive argument and or fisticuffs with the assessor ,was nothing like expected. She was an ex nurse who had experience of Parkinsons, couldnt have been kinder and made it obvious that she knew we werent 'trying it on'.

Much relief, now if they can only find a cure life could get back to some semblance of normality.




I went for PIP assessment today, also found assessor to be caring and understanding. 

Unsure the relevance of some of the questions I.e. do you watch TV and do you internet bank!!

Just have to wait now and see what comes back.

I do feel that conditions such as PD, MS, MN etc should be dealt with differently than a condition that is not progressive and so debilitating.




Hi Dory - I have never attended an assessment before, but I also find what the relevance is of the two particular questions asked are, could it be that they think you sit around all day and do nothing like a couch potato, then also can't be bothered to even go to the bank for money to shop, or do they expect you do that on line also. The mind boggles

Hope you get a good result regards! - Sheila


It may help to have a look at TURN2US   site it offers a step by step guide on the criteria for scoring for each section for PIPs.


The question about internet banking probably relates to

Section 11   handle money..

0  points if you are able to budget and pay your bills.


Watching TV    probably refers to

Section 8  speaking

0  points  if you can speak and understand what others are saying without any special aids.


If an assessor asks you the question do you watch  television.   When you answer the question you provide evidence you can speak  __  and watching  TV goes someway to show you understand what people are saying.

Indirect questioning styles  are often used by assessors as they appear to be more conversation than assessment.

It is worth remembering that assessors are gathering evidence and take care in answering all questions whether you think they are relevant or not.  I am not suggesting anyone lies by saying take care when answering, but it's easy when just ' chatting away ' not to give enough detail or be flippant about the impact PD has on your life.

TURN2US   us one of many sites with a detailed explanation of what assessors need to know for each section and point system.

The Parkinsons UK booklet is helpful but not as detailed.



I felt very positive when I was assessed only to be told I had scored no points whatsoever 

​i have just been "invited" to apply for PIP, after an indefinite DLA with higher rate mobility and middle rate care.. The enormity of what I could lose is already giving me more sleepless nights than usual.

​Any hints about how to prepare and what pitfalls to  avoid very welcome. I can't contemplate looking for work now: Im almost 66 and "retired"  from working in a Govt. office, due to not coping following my worsening condition.

Hi emswife, 

We have some information on PIP and the application process here https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/personal-independence-payment

If you would like support in filling out the forms you can contact your local Parkinson's adviser, you can search for your local adviser on our website using our postcode search or request the information from our helpline on 0808 800 0303. 

Any issues or questions please just let me know, hope it goes well! 




I am due to have a face to face assessment this coming Thursday 23rd November at home at 9.15am, and I'm not really looking forward to it. I get very anxious and worried when I have any face to face with my neuroligist, my doctor or my parkinsons nurse, but this is something I am really really panicky about. Why when I have written down what I thought all they need to know about how I cope with parkinsons, and even had the support worker to help me write it down because I could'nt do it neatly enough, do they still want to assess me. It beggars belief, I feel as if they still want to make you feel demoralised! I didn't ask to have parkinsons yet I am being made to feel that I am a fraudster and not been honest in what I have written on the review papers. I'm sure I am not the only one, but it is so frustrating!



Good luck for tomorrow.  Most of us Parkies have anxiety issues and it does make any appointments harder to cope with. 

Just take your time , let  the assessor know  what difficulties you  have.  If need be have a  read through the forms you completed for PIPs. Think of your worst days rather than your best days.

Just think by tomorrow afternoon you will have had your home assessment and that will be one more challenge completed. I will be thinking of you  x




Thanks for that TeeHee but at the end of the day I'm a worrier, and if the assessor asks me any complex questions I'm afraid I don't think quick enough to be able to give a suitable answer, but there again I might be worrying over nothing. Thanks again

www.pip-assessment.support     Anyone due for a PIP assessment   if you have time  look at this site, it gives you sample questions. 



That's a very good site TeeHee, it's put my mind at rest a whole lot, thank you for supplying the link I'm very grateful

Sheila x



Assessment over and it seemed to go quite well, but the assessor didn't give much away, now the wait for DWP to decide what they are going to do! Never thought to ask for a copy of what she typed down, damn!

Thanks again TeeHee - Sheila

Hope you get the best result. I’m steeling myself to make that all important first phone call. I’ve heard some scary things about these assessments but will get any and all help that’s out there. Let us know how you get on.



Will do Emswife, assessor said it could take up to six weeks!


Pleased it went well Sheila.  6 wks seems a long time but it will fly by, will keep fingers crossed for you. x

Never thought to ask for a copy of what she typed down, damn!



Hi shefinn, I'm happy your mind was put at ease prior to your assessment, thanks to our very own wonderful TeeHee.

I'm not sure if your assessor would have been able to disclosed their report at the time of assessment, but after recently being awarded PIP myself, the confirmation letter from the DWP does include a copy of the assessor's report. 



Ah thanks for that Joanie, still haven't heard anything from them, it was 24th November when I had face to face!

Thanks TeeHee for support!!

Sheila xx

think ours took 2 or 3 weeks, Christmas may cause a delay. Good luck


Hi All - Guess what, I received my brown envelope today, couldn't wait till after Christmas could they to tell me the Good, Bad and Ugly news:

Daily Living Allowance - Enhanced Rate - GOOD

Mobility Allowance - Standard Rate - BAD - lost mobility car

UGLY - Letter dated 13th DECEMBER 2017, Letter received TODAY 20th DECEMBER 2017 - telling me they were stopping payment on car 13th December 2017 (no prior notification) and to contact mobility people. If I wanted to have it reconsidered I would have to contact them one month from date of letter (week one gone already) week two christmas week (won't get much info from anyone from anywhere)

DWP admit I have mobility problems but refuse to believe I am unable to plan and follow an UNFAMILIAR journey unaided, they say I can so they scored me NIL points

They decided that I could stand then move using an aid or appliance more than 20 metres but no more than 50 metres which scored me 10 points

I have NEVER been able to plan and follow a journey of any sort, I have no sense of direction at all, but how on earth do you prove that? I lived in my home town for thirteen nearly fourteen years and could not even find my way round there, always had to take someone with me to see that I didn't get lost. I am the same wherever I go, and panic if I don't know which way to go when walking let alone in a bl----y car!

I am pleased to a certain extent, but it's the way they have gone about it. Will tell you more when I have contacted the PD advisor.