Pip Zero points

Been refused pip zero points, its has if they’ve looked at someone else claim.

Can you cook a simple hot meal ? No because my tremor is on my left side and because I’m left handed its not safe for me to pick up hot pans, they awarded 0 points

Do you need help washing and bathing ? I need help getting in & out of shower i get disorientated. they awarded 0 points

do you mix with other people ? no due to my anxiety I find it very difficult to mix and panic in crowded places, that’s why I avoid public transport ? they awarded 0 points

Do you eat and drink unaided ? I need supervision while I eat in case I choke. awarded 0 points.

the list goes on, it seems they have totally ignored my answers and marked me as a person without Parkinson’s.

I’m going to appeal no question, but can someone point me in the right direction for help / advice ?

Thankyou Billy

Hi @Billy66

Before appealing contact Parkinson’s UK and ask to speak to a benefits advisor. They helped me fill in my form. I was given great advice as to how “not” to fill in the form.
I’m sure you gave the right answers, but there is a way to answer the question, and answer it in your favour.

Cooking a meal. You might be left handed, but you can still use your right. That’s how they will look at that answer.

Also, it would be a good idea to get a letter off your Parkinson’s nurse to back up your evidence.

Hope this helps, good luck.


My husband was also awardeda big fat zero across the board. With lies included in the report to top it off. Awaiting tribunal which he does not want to go to…

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