Pathway Into Poverty

Poxy Income Payments

Police Investigate Parkinson's

Payment Is Peanuts

If you have any ideas please reply
Pathetically impoverishing paupers.

Perilously insufficient pittance.

Premeditated income pruning.
Patronising Irresponsible Politicians :imp:

Peanuts Income Pathetic

Possibly Idiotic Proportions
Payment is Poxy
Parkinson's Implies Payment
Panels Ignorance Plentiful
Pious Idiots, Praying.
Probably Idiopathic Parkinson's

Probably Idiotic Politicians
:grin:Please Increase Payments
Keep them coming, the best will be used in my campaign to alert Disabled People, including PLWP to the threat of being declared "Fit for Work'
The assessment does not ask any questions that relate to my condition,
hence it is not PERSONAL
I may lose my motability car, so I will not be INDEPENDENT
I may not get any DLA/PIP so I will not get any PAYMENT


So if PIP gets on your PIP, tell as many people you can and don't forget PIP really is PATHWAY INTO POVERTY

George Osborne said today that many Rich People pay very little tax, what a surprise. No doubt these same people think PIP is good news as 250,000 to 500,000 will be taken off DLA, saving £20bn, so the rich can continue to avoid contributing their share to the Exchequer. The poor can't avoid paying taxes.

A week or two ago George Osborne reduced the 50p in £ to 40p in £ because the tax inspectors couldn't collect the 50p so they dropped it to 40p. Who says crime doesn't pay. George says they should pat 1/3 of their income but he introduced the 40p in 3 which according to me would mean they should cough up 40% not 33%(1/3). What is going on?

If the government went after the tax avoiders with the same enthusiasm that they have for dismantling the education system, engendering panic over petrol, privatising the NHS, introducing regional pay and inviting their rich chums to Number 10. They could collect loads of money.