Hello.I'm new here.I'm 49 and diagnosed 4 days ago.my neurologist wants me have various scans etc þit is pretty sure it's parkinsons.taken ledopal for 3 days 65 my once daily already limp is better and writing too.happy meds are working  or could I be imagining it?!

Aye pip

great stuff if you feel it's working that's good enough as long as you feel good thats what matters , Good luck to you hope it all goes well for you  tooraloo 


Hi Pipi

I was diagnosed last year, but had suspected PD for a while before. My Dr put me on sinemet (Levodopa) even before I saw a neurologist and within  days I noticed a difference and by 2 weeks I was a different person. People who knew nothing of my diagnosis noticed I was different too. 

The important thing is you are feeling better. It makes a huge difference. Good luck