Pipexus shortage

I live in N.Devon. I have been taking Pipexus (pramipexole) 2.1 mg for the last couple of years. This month my pharmacist has been unable to fill the prescription, because it is out of stock at his supplier. I’ve tried other pharmacies with different suppliers, spreading the net as wide as Plymouth, but I’m getting the same story everywhere. I have enough tablets left for the next 9 days. What I want to know is: Does anyone have any details about the shortage – cause, if it is just my area, etc. Secondly, are there alternative drugs?

Hi Jane L. I have been taking Pramipexole with different brand names for a good number of years. About 6 months ago I was told in future I would be prescribed Pipexus in particular, as these cost less.Since then I have received these without problem.
Perhaps, as happened with me, other doctors prescribe Pipexus for their patients, as they are cheaper, and are meant to do the same job. This might have led to a supply and demand problem. Just an idea.
However, other brands of Pramipexole are available and worked for me. So you could get another brand at least while Pipexus is unavailable. So don’t worry. Best wishes. EM

Hi,I an near Bristol and I am taking pramipexole. My last prescription was only half filled because they couldn’t source any more. They found some eventually but I was down to my last few days. Let your team know in case they can change your prescription.

Thank you. I’ve rung the helpline and am hoping a nurse will ring back with a list of alternatives to Pipexus. I’ve also left a message with my gp.

I’m not sure why I could not get this information, that there are alternatives, from one of the several pharmacists I’ve spoken to in the last few days, but mustn’t grumble! A solution is in sight.

Just updating: I spoke to another couple of pharmacists this morning (Bristol and Exeter), who confirmed there is a nationwide shortage.

Glad you are on the way to beng sorted, Jane. I have just ordered Pipexus from chemist today. I shall be interested to see if I receive it if there’s a shortage. X

Good luck. Maybe the dearth will be resolved soon. N

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Hope you have managed to get your medication ok, Jane-L… No problem here, at least not so far. Good luck.x

I was told by the PUK advisor that there was a nationwide shortage, but they were expecting it to be resolved by last Friday. In the meantime, my pharmacist discovered she had some half strength tablets on the shelf, and also that she could get the drug under the name Pramipexole (which has a different manufacturer). Yesterday she gave me the Pramipexole and I’ll be taking that until the Pipexus is available.

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Just popping in to tell the end of the story. My pharmacist prescribed Pramipexole. I didn’t seem to get on with it. I had worse dyskinesia than usual, but what worried me was that I kept waking up at night having a panic attack. Of course, it might not have been the Pramipexole; it is so hard to tell. But, I asked my pharmacist to prescribe me the half strength Pipexus instead and I did seem better on it. I renewed my prescription this week, and full strenght pipexus is back in stock, so mini-crisis over.