Pisa syndrome?

I have recently been aware that I tend to lean towards the left - as if someone has cut off an inch or so from my left leg. I had my annual meeting with my consultant yesterday - who is a Movement Disorder specialist. I mentioned this ‘leaning to the left’ and he agreed that I was leaning. And yes he did say it is common in PD. I asked what I needed to do and he said I needed to find a good Physio. I had expected a more helpful response from a Movement Disorder specialist! I am not quite sure anymore what PD support I should expect - seems to be drugs only.
Have any of you found any support/treatment etc for this leaning - appropriately called Pisa syndrome?

Here in the states our doctors don,t like to cross boundaries out of their field of expertise.
My nephew is a chiropractor. The schooling he took actually has a wide knowledge of the human body, nervous system and diseases that pertain to it. In fact when my General doctor had no explanation of my symptoms. I went to him to check my spine. After x rays and moving of my limbs and torso he said he detected what he felt was ratcheting in my right limbs. He said I also showed the start of pisa syndrome. With that said he said I need to see a movement specialist and speak to him later.
After I finally got on PD meds and when back. He said that the body will many times shift the spine to try to regain balance. He tried to adjust my spine to help with the pisa effect that parkies had on me.
It has helped some. But, as you know our disease progresses.
I will never give up fighting to keep moving. I do allot of torso stretches and from time to time see him to adjust. Exercise keep moving.
We are all different on how PD effects us. I hope this post might give you a option to check out.
Good day to you.

Thanks - another avenue to try!

I too was leaning to the left, but investigatios by the posiatrist found that my left leg was 3 cms shorter than the right one. i broke my left hip about 2 years ago and it was treated conservatively - just rest - so I guess that is where it has come from. Anyway I was advised to have my left shoe(s)lifted by 3 cms, and now i am a different woman. i look more level, and have trendy platforms (but only on the left foot!)