Hi all

I have just been fitted with one of these today by my PD nurse.
It shows your movements throughout the day and how they change. My neurologist will then be able to decide the best way forward.

I will wear it for 7 days and nights.
I thought it was really interesting and that’s why I’m telling this story. You may have already heard about it

Babs x

Thought I would just post to myself as no-one else seems to want to. I really thought this was very interesting but obviously not.

Hi, just logged on and seen your note. I had one of these in April to see how meds were doing. I’ve been diagnosed 2 years but felt meds were wearing off. I now have one for another week to see if still need tweaking. They are pretty good aren’t they? Let me know how you get on, I have appt mid September so we’ll review then, xx

Hi Babswood
I haven’t heard of the Kinetigraph before. Can you tell me a bit more qbout it?

And do let us know what the outcome is.

Best wishes