Planet earth

Hello and good morning, I am having trouble sleeping, I find myself going to bed later and later partly to avoid the Night terrors but also the pain which can be a ordeal I just cannot get comfortable my legs try to escape my body and pressure
point pain has reached such intensity I often cry with frustration.
So as I said I cant sleep and last night or this morning should I say about 1.00AM I began to watch a Documentary about the Amazon Rain Forest , the planets lungs, I know that there are problems trying to protect and conserve this wonderful priceless jewel against land grabbers and the thugs they employ to burn
down the trees so the ground can be used for growing soya and other high value crops, but I sat here stunned at the vast areas of devastation which is visible from space, it is ongoing and fires burn 24 hrs a day non stop, if you add the environmental disaster looming as a result of drought which is killing off the trees at a rate faster even than the greed motivated Amazon Mafia it is not looking
good for our world. The vast forest acts as the air conditioning vital for all life and its destruction will seal our fate, it is already past the tipping point
whereby even if these stupid people were to stop the attempted murder of this vital ecosystem it is too late ,the process of climate change is underway and no one seems to want to stand up and forcibly protect and replant the Avatar like
wonders that need the lifegiving lifesaving green paradise that really does hold the balance of nature in check. The domino effect is underway and at a faster rate
than ever ecosystems all over our world are dying, we are losing insects vital to the pollination of our food source, the ever industrious Honey Bee is dying out
with terrible implications for us all they pollinate the plants we need to feed
the people, they die we die, and still farmers and agriculturists dig there heels in refusing to give up the toxic pesticides killing not just insects , but also ground nesting birds, and creatures like moles , voles , bats , the poison has contaminated the very soil that supports these animals , the application of artificial fertilisers along with other deadly toxins laughably depicted as benifical by the sales teams whose only motivation is greed, causes run off through the drainage ditches into the streams and rivers obliterating life in our
previously pristine aquatic systems, this water finds its way into aquifers and then into us, the process of evaporation and precipitation concentrating and increasing the danger, It is likely that the main cause of PD is the Neurological
destruction caused by pesticides,we are killing our own Brains ,how stupid is that
and just to compound my anger at this colossal stupidty, I was watching the local news program this morning and learned of the likely extinction of the Little Tern
colony on the specialy protected site in Co Durham, some moron with s..t for brains has stolen 50 eggs , eggs with fully developed chicks inside so this idiot
wont even be able to add them to his pitiful collection or sell them on, so the theft was completely pointless, and as the parents will now desert the colony it will bring these delightful little birds to the very edge of extinction ,brilliant
eh I hope this pig burns in, ?????? well as you can tell I am rather angry so I will end this cheerless post, it is sad though don't you think.

Kindest Regards to all Fedex
Yes, I think it is unutterably sad. And here in the U.S. we still have naysaying idiots who deny climate change. Maybe they exist around the world, but I think we were the only country to elect one of those morons President! With Obama, at least some education and intelligence returned to that office.

It is both sad and bitterly funny to watch us destroy our own world. If someone were to write the situation as a fictional plot, readers would probably sneer at the unlikelihood, the implausibility of a race ignoring all the danger signs and plodding straight ahead to its self-annihilation. Yet here we are, carrying out the program with devastating efficiency.

Thanks for expressing your anger and frustration. It reminds me that I should look for ways to support opposition to what is going on in regard to the rainforest.
Good morning J of Grey Cottage, thank you for responding to my post, yes it is
very disheartening that we, "the superior" life form on our world are surely driving into oblivion, I cant see there being humans alive anywhere on Earth in
one thousand years, as the worlds population grows more food and freshwater is needed while at the same time severe drought is killing the fertile grain belts and Fracking is pumping deadly chemicals into shale rock over two miles deep allowing contamination of Aqifers and mysterious illness in people, especially those with reliance on boreholes for their water, the list of crimes against nature is endless and so far has gone unpunished, but if you look back in history
there has been at least three mass extinctions where virtually every living thing
died out,each time it has taken millions of years to recover, I should add that we are all in our own way responsible we all contribute to our own downfall as consumers we consume, like a rabid cancer our constant demand for commodities removes in collosal amounts minerals from deep underground to be turned into steel aluminium copper uranium once again the list goes on , you cannot pull the guts out of a planet and not expect payback somewhere down the line.
As you mentioned your previous Leader did not have two brain cells to rub together along with ours they took the war to a foreign land illegally yet go unpunished leaving death and destruction in their wake when will we ever learn
the time of humans is slipping away, are we so stupid and blind , do we really deserve this utter privilege to live on the only world within many many lightyears that supports intelligent life, and I say intelligent with some reservations, If for example a superior Alien race are observing us , they will look on with sorrow and disdain, they most certainly would not come within shooting range . Friendly Fire and all that, I am not a happy chappie as you can tell , and what worries me is things will not improve the value of human life and its survival is less than a couple of Rhino Horns and a snow leopard skin .
Kindest Regards fedex :cry::frowning:
Hello , referring to this post, is no one bothered, am I preaching to deaf ears
I though it would have provoked much discussion among you caring folks , after all we the are all in the same boat, so lets here your views and comments, I want your anger to show through either with me for flogging a dead horse , but much more importantly I want your comments and ideas, your venom and pet hates , for instance , last night at 1150 pm the door bell rang ,as we have problems with feral kids I at first ignored the bell but a loud banging on the window, insisting I pay attention to whoever it was , so I looked out and it
was two members of the local constabulary , well my heart sank, what had happened
had one of mine been hurt or worse, my mum is 94 , a remarkable elderly lady, the Matriarch of our family, much loved and , respected but living alone, had something bad befallen her. I opened the door and invited the lads in the approaching panic was shutting me down fast, my speech was slurred and they must have thought I was completely s...faced , my powers of thought and capability
completely deserted me. my wife explained I had PD and give them due, they were both very sympathetic and apologetic , some kind person with the same
surname as mine had been causing major problems in our village so the cops had been checking all addresses with that name, so panic over , Northumbrias finest
made a swift exit and I decided to go to bed I had a bad day Duodopa was not very effective and the recent panic stations had left me in need of a restfull night
some hope, I had night terrors one after another and each successive horror was worse than the previous one, boy was I pleased to wake up at 6'30 am, I feel much better now the Dudopa is working well and plans are afoot to venture out.
So come on people PLANET is a controversial subject I want your views, I don't mind if you call me names as long as they are within reason, such as pillock fruitcase or Nutter but you must have opinions, its now 10.40am I am off to the paper shop for my lotto,if I win the Euro Lottery which stands at
I hereby announce 20.000.000 will go to Parkinsons Research , so wish me luck

Kindest Regards to all fedex:grin:
Hi again, fedex --

I've already offered a few thoughts on the topic of planet Earth's destruction. But, like you, I checked the thread again, expecting to see more responses. I don't really think anyone would call you names or criticize your reasoning. I think perhaps the powerful emotion in your own writing just says it all for the rest of us. We couldn't express our outrage, anger, disappointment in mankind any better than you have done. Or am I just making excuses?

Your alarming adventure with local law enforcement was unfortunate. What an inducement to a peaceful night's sleep!
Hello J of Grey Cottage, apologies for not replying sooner to your post,the run of bad luck continues for us, my wife Lorraine after some very close shaves in our little Toyota Priveledges, went to the opticians , now when I tell you that she is
terrified of going blind , as anyone would be, and to be told her eyesight was only just above the legal requirement for driving she went into a flat spin, she is my carer and if she loses her licence we lose our mobility, however I am much
improved since the Duodopa operation and have re applied for my licence so hopefully that will pan out, but knowing my luck, I sound like unlucky Alf from the Fast Show. The cause of the loss of vision , Cataracts , worse in one eye than the other, I have told her she must not drive now as the risk is too great
both to herself but more so to others on the road, we are lucky in the fact that our family will support us until either I am back on the road or L has the cataracts removed, she is very upset but better safe than sorry.
I have been having a few problems with PD , the Duodopa pump needs adjusting as I have had some very bad shutdowns over the last few weeks , disappointing but
I expected teething troubles so onward and upward.
Regarding my PLANET post it did not provoke much reaction did it, I thought more
of our Forum members would have chipped in, however that's the way humans are now
unsympathetic N I M B Ys and why not, by the time Armageddon arrives and removes
our privileges most reading this will be long gone,anyway thanks for your kind
comments J , they were most welcome as I am a bit fed up at this time.
One more thing , do you live in a grey cottage, I live in a brick one.
Watched Sea Sick Steve at Glastonbury last night ,good.
Kindest Regards fedex
The solution to the destruction of the Rainforest is remarkably simple. Rich Western countries pay the developing countries more per acre to retain the forest than they could earn from alternative crops. All it takes is money, the World's least important resource but sadly the most valued. Just think, a chance to buy the survival of our planet and our species and yet we won't take it because we are too preoccupied bailing out rich bankers who have fallen victim to their own greed. Rather ironic, don't you think? :frowning: