Planning holidays

Hello everyone!

With the summer holidays fast approaching, we are currently looking at the information that we have on our website:

We’ve had a couple of suggestions from people with Parkinson’s for new resources that they would like to see on this page. The first is a printable checklist to help with planning and preparing for going on holiday. The second is a downloadable or printable form for people to fill in and send to their travel provider/tour operator, to help give them more information on their condition and any extra requirements they might have.

Before we add anything to the page, we’d like to get more feedback from people as to what they would like to see on any new resources. As such, we’d really appreciate any input from the forum community on these two ideas. Specifically:

  1. What are they key things you include on your own pre-holiday checklist?

  2. Is there anything you wish you could tell a hotel, airline or tour operator before you travel? This could be about accessibility, catering, any other special requirements or just to give them more context around your (or the person you are travelling with) condition - to help avoid any unnecessary issues or stress.

Thanks in advance,


For my husband with PD, urinary incontinence is a problem, especially at night as he finds it very difficult getting out of bed and despite wearing all in one pads, he has many accidents. We have just had a stay away in a hotel and also Travelodge ( both times in accessible rooms ). For this we took:-
Waterproof fitted mattress cover.
Additional quilted waterproof bed pad.
Own fitted sheets.
Urine bottle and container in which to pour urine during night ( eg icecream box )
Plug in night light.
Bed handle

He did have some accidents while away but we had the reassurance that the hotel’s mattress was totally protected.Next time I think I would take a waterproof duvet cover as well if there is a possibility this could get soiled.