Playing games


Hi all,

Up until about a year ago I was an avid games player both on PC and PS3 but have found since my tremor has got worse, if I try and use a controller my left hand locks up after about 5 minutes and is very painful so I have given up on my PS3 other than as a media player.

I also used to play a lot of Lord of the Rings Online on my PC but that has got very frustrating too as my left hand is the movement keys and my tremor causes all sorts of issues so have started playing mouse only games as at the moment my right hand is ok. My girlfriend bought me Sam and Max, which is ideal so thought I would ask if others have similar issues and for any good mouse only games.



I play Civilisation, plus there are various 'point and click' games I download off the Internet (Playrix does some quite good ones, but some tedious ones as well.)  Quite often the download ones have a free trial game so you can try before you buy.  I also download games onto my ipad. 

Plus there are also the old standbys - the various card games and Mahjongs. 



Hi Ninja

what sort of games do  you like playing ?

i must admit i do sometimes have problems, i play a few games via facebook  which are mouse only  but it can be a bit frustrating when i am trying to click the mouse on something and my hand is not doing as i want it due to tremor


Hi Ninja,

Like yourself and several others I guess I like my on line gaming,more xbox (call of duty) mainly and its not the tremors or cramps that ruin it but my reaction times.I ave good days when I play really well and then days when I know to press the button but my fingers don't work.

Looks like I may be digging the laptop out and playing solitaire or poker but it wont be online.