Playing guitar with a tremor

I play guitar and sing for a living… semi pro … was pro and very good at it too …but this Parkinson right hand tremor is getting in the way … I can strum and sing and get by but picking is difficult which really gets me down … I feel like I am going backwards like a beginner again … … I don’t have medication ( I haven’t been offered any as yet ) anyone out there got any answers …exercises etc etc …help ??

I think tremor control is one of the harder symptoms to manage but there are some medications which can help.If the condition is getting in the way of your career, you should definitely ask neuro for some meds now.

I go back in Nov for a revue … I’ll see what can be done , cheers

I also play guitar semi-pro and was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s - the right hand tremor being the most noticeable symptom. I saw a consultant at Newcastle’s RVI hospital recently and put on Madopar which I believe stimulates release of dopamine. I can’t say the medication has made much difference. The tremor itself usually stops when I start playing but my hand isn’t as responsive as previously, especially strumming certain rhythms or picking. It’s also worse when I’m feeling nervous which is generally at the start of a set - once the nerves settle down my playing does too though has definitely deteriorated. At present its just about manageable but I’m worried it will get worse and make playing in public impossible - a shame after many years of performing.

Hi …I am much the same …but no meds for me as yet, I was playing guitar prety much to my normal standard Wednesday last week at home, I played till the early hours …i didnt want to stop … the next day I was fumbling slightly and the same now … I’d been eating beetroot that day … gonna see if I can repeat it … it would be great if Beetroot (Nitrates) was the answer .i’d stock up . watch this space :wink: I’m going for a scan today … its an ongoing battle, best of luck to you my friend … keep the faith ;-).