Please help advice needed xx

Hello everyone x
I need your advice on something rather questionable I think….
My elderly neighbour is very sociable and will go out no matter what.
The last two weeks she has been suffering with what she told us (her neighbours) was a chest infection. Last night she rang me crying that she couldn’t breathe so of course I rushed to help her, called an ambulance and she left for the hospital around midnight.
I was supposed to be picking her up from the hospital as the paramedics were sending her there to get antibiotics but I didn’t here from her all day. Then she arrived home mid afternoon and continued to mix with all the neighbours but I received a call from another neighbour/ carer who works at the hospital and said that my neighbour had been tested positive for covid!! I asked her if this was true as many of us have other conditions such as me with Parkinson’s. She denied it. We are very concerned as she has been coughing near us and is now saying we are being petty and making a fuss. I am hurt she has such disregard for our health how do I handle this and I am quite scared regarding catching covid xxx

Hello Maria,
Of course, your neighbour don’t do the right thing, but don’t worry so much… I don’t think we’re in the risk group… Or I’m wrong?
I had a Covid once, 2 years later I living in house full of Covid positive people (my family), nothing happened.
Don’t think about it, worries are worst than Covid in our case.
Warm regards,

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Hi Mariav70,
I would, most definitely, be worried as well.
I don’t think because of our status that we are at any more of a risk of covid, but what she is doing is simply unacceptable.
I find her behavior despicable, with her knowing that it is extremely infectious.
I honestly think that you should keep away from her, now because she has it, but also in future because she seems to have no regard for your or any of your neighbors health.
It is simply wrong.