Please please help funny body feelings

Hi all :heart_eyes:
I’m hoping that someone or anybody on here can shed some light on my symptoms. First of all I started with numbness and tingling in my fingers I’ve never had a tremor but I started now slightly on my right hand and my little finger also I’ve started with motor neurone disease symptoms with muscle twitching and other sensory things. I’ve had nerve conduction study and EMG and neurologist as realdoll mnd but it really concerns me but reading on here I’m picking up I’m wondering whether I’ve got Parkinson’s Disease I’ve started with an internal tremor in my chest but I also get a funny feeling like a rush of like chemicals what run through my body on a daily basis it starts in the middle of my chest down by my breastbone and it Rushes through my body it makes my body or twitch it and it makes my eyes feel funny like googly. I’m also finding it very difficult to walk my legs feel like lead weights and sword in my shoulders it’s really upsetting me I can’t seem to get anywhere with the doctors I started off as well quite some time ago with severe shoulder pain which has drove me mad for years and I’ve also found out that I have got slipped discs in my neck C4 C5 C6. Please please please can anybody else shed light on this funny Sensation what is running through my body it’s weird it’s like a chemical release it’s like adrenaline or dopamine or whatever it is it’s bizarre and it makes me feel funny the pressure what go through my body is weird as anybody else experienced this I’d be grateful if you could get in touch and let me know. Many thanks hope you are all well hope to hear from somebody soon x

Hello @Flowers71 and a warm welcome to the forum.

Hopefully some of our lovely members will drop by soon for a chat.

Unfortunately without medical training it’s impossible to say what may be causing symptoms, Parkinson’s can vary a great deal from person to person and many of the associated symptoms can also be found in other health conditions. For this reason we would always recommend you consult a qualified health professional if you are concerned or unsure about any symptoms.

If you feel you would benefit from further support in the meantime you can contact our helpline, our trained advisors can provide information and support on all aspects of life with Parkinson’s and can put you in touch with one of our Parkinson’s specialist nurses. Our helpline is open 9am-7pm Monday to Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturdays. You can contact us on 0808 800 0303 or [email protected].

Hope that helps a little and please do feel free to continue using the forum as a source of information and support as needed.

Take care

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Thankyou for your message I really appreciate it :star_struck::heart_eyes:

Hi @Flowers71

Thanks for your reply. That’s no problem at all.

I really hope you manage to get to the bottom of your symptoms soon. Please do keep us updated to let us know how you get on.

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Hi Flowers71,
The aspects you describe sound quite familiar.
All I can suggest is that you ask your GP for the best Physiotherapist (preferably massage based) in your area.

I have two sessions a week plus useful floor exercises that assist me in maintaining & decompressing the spine.

I trust this helps
Kind regards

I too have slipped discs around the same place as yours -if in doubt about PD push for further appointments - my notes were filed away for a number f years as they said it wasn’t PD - guess what - it was and by then it had progressed a lot - if you don’t push it is you that will have problems - I know only too well.

Good Luck


Thank you eve 1 bless you hope your well. I will do. Xx

Hi Flowers71
I can’t shed any light on the symptoms but can say I have very similar introduction to PD.
I was fomally diagnosed in 2009 but had had it for quite a while and had many of the symptoms you mention.
Numb fingers on right hand, blamed it on work.
When driving if not careful my grip on the stèring wheel became intense and found it difficult to let go and so painful.
Then I was told I had a frozen shoulder had physio then mysteriously disappeared
Pain in thè leg and back comes and goes excruciating at the time.
But before all of this I had what I called the internal shakes which i put down to being anxious
And then the weirdest symptom was a feeling of adrenaline fix through the top half of my torso again told it was anciety ! It made my toes curl up all on there own like a cramp and just as painful.
Walking for me is like walking through water and I get slower and slower. In the dark if unable to see the ground I dare not move or feel I might fall over as I can’t tell where the ground is.
Medication has helped but still need to tweek it abit.
Hope this helps and not depress
Have been encouraged finding
I was not on my own

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