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In light of recent activity on the forum, we have revisited some threads which discuss the topic of Ambroxol to ensure only impartial information on Ambroxol is provided to other forum members.

Based on our findings, we have made the decision to close the ‘Ambroxol for PD’ thread. It is important that forum members know that the research evidence of the benefits of Ambroxol for people with Parkinson’s to date is limited. There has only been a study looking at this medication in 17 people with Parkinson’s. This does not provide adequate evidence to suggest that those with the condition take this medication.

However, studies are ongoing and we continue to keep abreast of any developments in the area. You can read the latest here -

We would encourage people to reach out to their healthcare professionals before making any changes to their medications and we are always happy to answer questions about Parkinson’s research. You are more than welcome to contact the research team at: [email protected].

Our team of moderators check the forum regularly to ensure that we are keeping to the forum guidelines and the terms of use. Where we can, we will try to moderate in a way that doesn’t interrupt the flow of conversation. However, we encourage all members to beware of any disingenuous sources and strongly review any information before acting on any advice given.

While people on the forum may want to share information about products and services that have worked for them, the forum is not intended as a marketplace. Discussions around Ambroxol or any other Parkinson’s related topics are allowed (so long as they meet the forum rules) on the forum, however, the information shared must remain impartial.

As always you are welcome to flag any content for my attention if you suspect something isn’t quite right. :face_with_monocle:

We hope you continue to find great value and form genuine connections on the forum. :blue_heart:

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