Poached, scrambled or fried?

Parkinson's is like an egg; it can be cooked on its own in a variety of ways or incorporated with other ingredients to create anything from chocolate cake to bacon and egg ice cream. There is no standard way to cook and consume Parkinson's, no universal cookbook, you have to be an experimental chef and build up your own recipe collection.

As you cook your egg you can’t be complacent or you will under or over cook it; indeed you may even burn it. It is important in cooking, especially when incorporating other ingredients and integrating Parkinson’s into your life, to maintain balance and vigilance. Add too little or too much and it will unbalance the dish and cause conflict and dissonance.

You must also be open to evolving your cooking and not becoming stuck in a well worn groove. Parkinson's changes so you have to adapt. Sometimes have Parkinson’s fried, sometimes scrambled and at other times have it poached.

dr jonny