Poem - Dove Crag by Jim Glazzard

I don't normally write poetry but decided to write a book of poems for my future grand children based on my wife and two sons true life experiences. My wife intends to illustrate the book as she is a keen artist.

Here's one of the poems

Dove Crag

A sunny morn, an early rise
Climb a hill for exercise

Keep us warm, woolly jumpers
Feet protection, “Woolies” bumpers

Brave mountaineers, ill prepared
Singing songs, as yet not scared

Climbing high without a clue
Eager to glimpse exclusive view

Struggling up the lofty ranges
Mist descends, attitude changes

Dissent in ranks and worried faces
Why bring us to dangerous places

One group member cried with fear
“We’re all going to die up here”

Visibility now nearly zero
Time for pretence of a hero

“Follow me, I know the route”
With map in tent, not that astute

Carefully walking along rocky peak
Another voice was heard to speak

“The mist is lifting, sky is clear
Don’t look down its high up here”

Quickly scramble to safer place
Look of relief on every face

Flask of tea all that matters
Forgotten possible life in tatters

Descending hill through beautiful places
Sun on back and happy faces

Dove crag conquered, lessons learned
One of life’s memories, difficultly earned

BUT, Sometimes you’ve just got to do it
Ah, you are a man of many talents. Lovely to see your poem here Jim - I think I'm alright to call you by your proper name since it is listed above. Thanks so much for sharing that on the forum - maybe it will inspire others to try other creative challenges. What a lovely idea to work on a book of illustrated poetry with your wife that will be so personal to your family - what a wonderful keepsake for the grandchildren and an insight into your lives.

All the best, Alex
Well done Jim. I started writing poetry about two years ago, which coincidentally was the same time I was prescribed Selegeline. I hope your output matches mine!
Really like your poem - it has an incessant rhythm which suits the steady walking pace that you often relax into when out on the hills. And your illustrated book project sounds superb - a brilliant memento for grand bairns, and everyone else in the family as well !
for those interested in the combination of photography/poetry image/text you may like to look at the following website

www.philcornelius.co.uk and turn your sound up to hear the poems