Poem - He begins another day ...

Hi - my first posting here. Struggling so much to cope with my husband’s PD: it’s helping to express what’s happening via poetry.

Sounds of tentative stirring in the dark

dawn and you begin another struggling day.

Sleep and dense brain-fog envelop all of

you, tendrils dragging you back to dis-ease:

it would be easier to deny gravity than

drag yourself into a new day.

Fingers, feet, words and thoughts refuse you.

Anxiety, depression, lassitude overwhelm.

Fear, sadness set up camp, taking all the

space, leaving nothing for joy, for hope, for vigour.

The drugs will, eventually, give some of yourself

back to you, temporarily. They will restore a

version of you with which to occupy the

space of a day. You will do your best to

battle the feinting terrorist.

You will want to show us all that you

can manage, the family-script stoic

raising proud head and carrying on.

Oh, what it must cost you, darling,

to reassemble the tesserae of you, of almost-

you, into the shape of the day.

Hi afewgreyhairs,

So sorry to hear that you’re struggling with your husband’s diagnosis. I feel confident that you’ll find comfort and advice amongst your fellow members here in the community.

Thank you for sharing with us your poem. We have a popular threads here where members share their poems and haiku.

We have a page dedicated to supporting friends and family, which can be found here, https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/support-family-and-friends

All the best,
Moderation Team