Poetry from Mervyn Peake Competition

Would it be possible to set up a special Forum Topic which allows Forum Users to read the poems entered in the Mervyn Peake Competition? Presumably they could be scanned in by the Forum Staff, if they do not already exist in a Word document. Readers could even be invited to give a mark to any poem, if they wish.

At present the PDS Membership does not have an opportunity to read all the quality poems which are entered in this excellent competition, each year.
Good idea Plodder. I love reading other people's poems

Good idea Plodder, im right behind you
Love reading poems, sure others do too
Thoughts put in poems are easy to read
Many an idea grown from tiny seed

Sharing your feelings is easier in rhyme
Get out your poems and share them online!
Id love to judge them though no uni boff
Some with amuse me and o'ers make me cough!

Please gifted parkies and partners who care
Show us your poems, and lay your souls bare!

Carrot :grin: