Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

Has anyone been treated for PMR before being diagnosed with Parkinson's? I have been treated for 6 years for what a rheumatologist diagnosed as Polymyalgia Rheumatics, and just recently seen a neurologist and diagnosed with PD. I am wondering if it's been PD all along and rheumatologist misdiagnosed.
rheumatologist find rheumatism.
neurologists find neurological diseases.
not to say there aren't plenty of people with both.
perhaps once you are on pd meds, see whether it lessens.
Wouldn't be a bit surprised . Parkinson's has so many different symptoms . Of course to everyone has the same ones . Having said that my husband seems to have most of them .
I have a friend who was diagnosed with PMR last year. Her symptoms weren’t getting any better so she changed GPs and was sent to the local specialist physician, who diagnosed PD.

She did go to see a neuro after that, but as she was on anti-PD medication he couldn’t diagnose PD for sure.

Since then, 6 months later, I hear she has seen a different neurologist twice, and he has diagnosed Restless Legs Syndrome as well as PD. I will see her in a couple of weeks, and will see if the medication tweaks the last neuro made are giving her any relief.
Thank you for the info, Sheryll.

I'm sure many have been misdiagnosed for this condition and many other conditions, (essential tremor is common) but in the end they are found to have Parkinsons. I'm not sure i call it misdiagnosis in all cases as PD takes years to develop, the agreement at the last conference i was at was 10 years but others said at least 20 years. We know that we have only about 20% of dopamine required by the time we are diagnosed. Parkinsons can be very difficult to diagnose. An observation of mine (from too much time on forums) is that in the USA often people will see each symptom as a separate condition eg they will say they have for example essential temor, fibromyalgia, depression, frozen shoulder, ...... For me these are all just my Parkinsons symptoms. Nice to meet you btw.
Thank you, Hikoi.