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Having a positive mental attitude to most things you encounter through your life can come easier to some than  others. I have always been aware that life and the challenges it throws my way could always be worse. From being very young my Grandmother  would often say " We rise above it Rachel " and " there are so many unfortunate people out there, you are not one of them"  I have always been grateful for what i am and what i have but also times when i question how lucky i am when yet another  so called hereditary disease finds my body to set up home in, when  no other person in the family has the condition.  Possibly this attitude i have has helped me cope and manage my health or maybe i haven't had the suffering  thats linked with various conditions that some have , i dont know. .

I think that Parkinsons affects us all very differently and appears to be faster in its progression in some more than others. I would like to think that mine is slower, which it sounds like it is when i read some posts on this forum from others. Or could it be the way that i deal with it that helps? 

I have always had the ability to get myself out of the doodoo as it were, make sense of rubbish and find ways out of difficult situations, i can't get out of this situation so make the best of what i have. This is in my make up this is who i am, plus i am surrounded by family and friends who make it possible. If i were alone without support around me then i may not have such a PMA. So out of that i have found what makes me tick, what makes me grateful, what makes me ME! Family. Friends and a wise Grandmother.  I hope i continue to think like this because it works for me.


Barnowl1 Through listening to speakers and reading info on PD I understand that only 5% of PwP have inherited it. So it is not passed through families other than in a small number of families where the number of people who have it is mindblowing when their family tree is studied. Some of those families volunteer to be subjects of studies and they have helped research into PD move forward.

If you are the only member of your family with PD then you can't have inherited it.....so no need to think you are the unlucky one with the inheritance factor!

95% of people just 'get' PD and that is being looked at by lots of researchers to try and find out why.....

I am sure your positive attitude is what pulls you through and helps you cope. Some need to know everything and others deal with what's happening now. Ask questions when you want answers and of course you know that this forum and website and PUK support is there when you need them!

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He he he yep I'm positive I'm mental and o boy do I have an attitude !

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  Live well. Cc

Cheshire cat, not seen you before and i can imagine you are all of the above!! hahaha, sinister pic too!

Keld, you sound quite clued up! I thank you for your input. It is reassuring to know that hereditary parkinsons is rare. I  have always been asked the question by medics so obviously thought it was relative, well more relative than reality proves  I appreciate that most like to be aware of their condition from understanding symptoms to future affects of the disease.  , maybe in time i might become one of them. A little of both can't hurt.


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Barnowl1 never a truer word has ben said that is my way of handling what we are all going through.

The only difference between you and me is that you are probably more polite than I am.

Looking forward to Saturday you will love my dress it has been altered to perfection I am so chuffed with it.

Lots of Love BB. xx 

My mother had PD so I had a vested interest in finding out if PD was something that could be in my future. Not an easy thing to contemplate after spending so much time caring for her. The thing with PD it seemed to me that as the disease is so individual you can't predict which 'bits' of PD you are going to have symptoms of....so best to cope with what you are dealing with.....and learn about them and leave what might happen to the future - for a while at least. With Mum initially that is how things were for both of us. But as her needs got more complex I found it helpful for me to read up on what was on the horizon so that I could cope with it better.

Reading through posts on this forum there are loads of symptoms I know nothing about as Mum didn't have them - the ones she did have I know lots about. 

Since she died I have learned so much about PD but I couldn't have taken it all in as I cared for her...and she certainly didn't want to know! 

There is no right way or wrong way just your way.

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Been on this forum for a couple of years and find the attitude of most members fantastic for keeping life in perspective , we all deal with pd and its associated friends in our own way , ................................

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   Live well.  Cc

I think you are very polite BB and if you're not there is obviously good reason. I'm intrigued about your dress, looking forward to a good night out! I will be the one underdressed lol xx


How we approach our work is greatly dependent on our mindset. If we’re in a good place, it’s effortless. If we’re stressed or unhappy, everything feels exhausting. As important as it is to be good at what you do, your craft, it is equally as important to practice your approach and master yourself.
positive attitude

A positive attitudei s all very good but it doesnt take the pain away and does not stop you from getting other things it just helps you cope with what you have. Babsx