Positive results from Forced exercises?


I am not a medical professional of any description so please do not attempt any of the actions I may detail without consulting your Doctor or PD nurse .

My current meds are Madopar 25/100  ×5 plus   Rotigotine  6mg  patch

I undertook LV therapy.  The LSVT triggered my  interest in LST Big.  ( The use of forced exercise to stimulate the production of naural dopamine).  

 I will be  75  in May and have led a physical active life including distance running/ squash and motocross/and hill running in Scotland well into my 50/s.

Diagnosis of PD did not come as a shock to me. I  was always on the lookout for a means to contain  PD  so when my wife decided to go for "couch to  5k" I thought "why not me". I had previously managed ,5k in sub 20 mins. some ,,35yrs ago.

Then the "fun" started.   After 2 weeks  practise   I entered a Parkrun. All went well until I looked back over my shoulder (to see where wife was) .I came too lying in the gravel with blood running from my head,/ shoulder / and elbow.  Luckily a nice young lady runner took off her  Tshirt and helped this poor old man to the finish line. Thus started my fight back.  Finishing my first run gave me my fifst huge dopamine rush.  

To be continued.




Please remember do not  change anything in your life style without consulting your Doctor or PD nurse.

So how am I going to overcome  my falling.    3 falls in 3 runs is a problem.    So I condition myself to "stand upright "   "swing my arms"    "look  straight ahead.   ". and never look down or over my   shoulder.    And keep on running ,and it worked. I still need "catchers" at the end of 5,k  but who cares "I can run".  The dopamine rush is fantastic.    There is of course a "but".   I am now experiencing aches and pains that are sometimes attributed to "medications".  Am I flooding my body with excess dopamine ?

My PD nurse retired 12 months ago. So who do I talk to ?     O well it's been a case of "do it yourself"  so far.  So here goes let's cut back  on the meds and see what   happens !!!!!!


To be continued.


Again  don't do this without consulting your Doctor or PD nurse. So I cut back to 4 a day and removed my  patch at 18.00 hrs each. evening.     results to follow.


Sub heading. Sports Massage.  Well it had to happen . I thought at my age I might have damaged my hip and possibly needed a replacement. So I went to see Karen.  "She's a tri athlete " and an expert in "sports injuries.". Reluctantly she agreed to check me over.

"I know nothing about massage for people with PD" She said. But  I  will  "read up on it " . Thus started the biggest change in my life  with PD.   Prior to my first appointment in August ,,2016 I couldn't drive for more than half of an hour without having to give over to my wife.    Last week I drove to London and back again. She treated me with "Kid Gloves " to start with. No Karen is " up to speed," and I receive full on  deep intramuscular massage for 1hour every second Sunday.    I am now free from pain and muscular impediments.  This needs lots of following up. Will try tomorrow.


Good luck for tomorrow Karen in the Retford  half marathon .Also my best wishes to all friends taking part especially to all my ",catchers" on my Saturday park runs.  ,,( have you ever tried stopping after,5,,k ) you need friends.   And  when I  fall over I. need mates like Roger  ,Dave and Matt to pick me up.  Good luck for tomorrow guys I/,we will be at 10 mls out  .To cheer you on. Mike


Sorry  off line for  a  of days.    Computer problems.    Well done in the half marathon Karen 1hr 58 and Robert 1hr 53.    

  Again dont copy my changes in meds or exercise. Or massage.

So I cut  back on the the meds.  And the aches and pains  have gone. Or is it due to Karen and massage therapy ?.  She is  now up to speed with all  massage  technics related to PD.    

Prior to Xmas 2016 ...., I could not sit in a car  for more than 30 mins. ( let alone drive ). Last weekend  I drove to London   for  my sisters 70 th.    (2/30 min). We are now working on how to "'change the curvature of my spine ". I always " walk tall " and swing my  arms , but it does not do a lot for my posture.   As said before  this physio  has revolutionised my life.  I run /walk /drive everywhere.   I owe everything to Karen and Sports Massage. Sleep l my friends.  Mike


 Yesterday   was massage. Sunday.   So out I went for a run after   2 weeks injury!! See elsewere  for  todays run.        PD will never ruin my life. I refuse to let it intrude into my family welbeing.