Positivity and Parkinsons (or not)!

Hi guys. Im newly diagnosed too (Thursday) and I was pre warned it could be Parkinsons so I guess it wasnt quite the shock to me. Ive had ME/CFS for quite a few years so the symptoms sort of blend in. But Im being SO positive about it all that it all feels wrong!! All my friends are aghast by the news and cant believe how Im taking it all! Im just saying Que Sera Sera and getting on as normal. will the shock set in later? Am I denying a 'grieving' process? Im not sure what is happening or what will happen in the future. But today is a beautiful sunny day and Im going to enjoy it x
Hi Granny,
I agree,along with a routine program of exercise and a healthy diet, staying positive is absolutely essential.
Don`t forget to retain your sense of humour too - since I contracted Parkinsons my wife calls me `SPIDERMAN`, I don`t have any super powers - it`s because I can`t get out of the bath. :grin:
jacko - brillllllliant joke
granny - its good to meet you. i felt much the same way and still do 5 years on. don't worry about not being sufficiently miserable. enjoy today.
Thanks guys. Its good to not feel alone with this.
I do laugh at myself a lot. Lots of 'sense of humour'
And I do Healthy eat, but excercise is very limited
as I also have ME/CFS.
Love the Spiderman bit haha
Welcome Granny 66. I was dx in Jan and feel much the same as you. Still relieved it wasn't a brain tumour and its not going to kill me. Also wondered if I'd hit a low after a few months but its not happened. Just taking each day as it comes and not over thinking things too much. Now I'm on the right meds I feel better than I have in a long time. Good luck.
Another welcome to Granny66!

When I was first diagnosed, I was sad a few days, imagining the worst. Then, for some unknown reason, I suddenly found acceptance and have had no negative attitude since. (It just took me longer to get where you are already.) I have been living with this disease 16 years and still have not changed my way of life. So enjoy each day! This is a slow-moving illness for most of us, and it wouldn't do any good to worry over the future anyway.

I have had the same horrified reaction from friends, by the way. Largely, it's unfamiliarity with PD that causes it. Most people don't realize how much treatment has advanced, especially in regard to slowing PD's progress.

Best wishes!

Hi everyone. Thanks for your posts. Im sorry for this late reply but guess I expected notifications that I had replies :P  but have now saved it all so that the page turnes on when I switch my comp on.
Lots going on since I first posted but not much headway made. Ive today rung the help line and am waiting for contact from our area person that is on the end of a phone if I need them.  Im not as positive as I was at first. Mainly because of the disbelief still from some family members that I dont have anything wrong. Saw the neurologist on Tuesday and he has doulbled my meds so now Im convinced that I DO have it whether family believe it or not.

Hope to chat a bit more often in future on here. xxx

It's great to hear from you again, granny66!  Don't let those family members get you down.  The more positive your attitude, the more good you're doing for your own body.  I know how it is, though; I have one relative who is convinced that she must do things for me.  I'm not shy about telling her that I can pour my own tea and tea for my guests, that I can get in a car without assistance, etc.   She is an over-nurturing soul, I suppose, but I intend to maintain normal independence as long as I can.

Best wishes!

Hi there J of Grey Cottage.Ive got no relatives that do that. Quite the opposite but I guess Im used to doing everything for myself anyway. Dont think I could deal with all that fussing but just understanding would be nice. xx


The key word is "understanding," I would guess that's all most of us want.