Possible beneficial effects of liquorice for those with PD

I tasted liquorice tea. It is made by macerating the licorice twig and pouring boiling water over it and leaving it to steep. It is naturally very sweet and I found it delicious. I googled the benefits of liquorice and found it interesting. It said it is good in treating inflammatory diseases and also helps with constipation, both of which apply to PD. (It warns against having more than 1 or 2 cups a day.) When I googled 'liquorice and Parkinson's disease' it listed some interesting research that indicates it can have a beneficial effect when taken by those with PD. I shall drink one cup a day. There's nothing to lose.
Interesting butterfly and thanks for posting that piece of information, it could help my OH a great deal.

I am old enough to remember buying liquorice root at the tuck shop when I was young. Those were the days eh? 4 whatever's for an old penny!!!

Anyone know where you can but liquorice root these days??
I think most good health shops will sell it. Another benefit I forgot to mention was that it is an anti spasmotic.(I think that's how you say it) I find my muscles go into spasm so I'm hoping it will help.
Hi butterfly19553,

Thanks for posting this! I just happened to realize that licorice might be very important for PD because it impacts cortisol levels in our body and these seem important for PD in a number of ways. See the discussion on this post for more details on this: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/forum/thread/52270

May I ask you if you feel any noticeable impact on your pd symptoms when drinking this licorice tea? Also, can you pls clarify if you buy the tea already made (the twigs already macerated) or if you buy the licorice in natural form and macerate it yourself?

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Hi Butterfly,

having recently found liquorice tea, I was interested to then read your post.  Thought it was just a nice drink but will now drink more regularly and see if leg cramps and inflamed shoulder muscle tissue improves.

Tried it and OMG disgusting, like drinking neat saccharine

I too tried it last night. I'd bought a packet of tea at a boutique store in Oz and finally opened it, seeing I felt like a drink so late at night. It was crushingly sweet! I might have to mix it with something like chamomile or earl grey. Any ideas?