Possible diagnosis


Hi all,

I'm 30 next month and have been referred by my GP to the Neurology team at my local hospital - appt is 27th October. 

I feel like I'm far too young to have Parkinsons but my symptoms are fitting and from what I have read it is entirely possible at a young age. I first noticed an issue about 6 months ago when I went for a run and my right leg was scuffing and I realised my knee wasn't lifting. A few days later I noticed as I was walking that the arm on the same side was not swinging as I walked. 

The past few weeks using a keyboard has been more difficult as my right hand is so slow and I notice I lean to the weaker side when standing and find it difficult to stand upright. 

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety a couple of years ago and have had little success with medication which makes me think that it is possibly down to something along the lines of Parkinson's.

Has anyone else had a similar situation with depression and anxiety having seemingly come first before noticing physical symptoms?


Hi Portster1987, I am 50 and was diagnosed around a month ago. My physical symptoms started around 12 months ago. However I have had a couple of bouts of anxiety and depression over the last 2 or 3 years. The first time i didn’t go on any medication and just put it down to burn out at work. The second time i tried anti depressants but didnt last long on them as they made me feel worse. Both occasions were really out of character for me as I am normally quite a strong person and losing it was just not in my nature..... All makes sense now since my diagnosis.


HI Wildrover,

Sorry for the delay in responding, but thanks for getting back to me. 

It is interesting you felt siilar symptoms to me for a couple of years, and I agree with it feeling out of character!

Hopefully it all comes to light at the neurologist appointment as I never felt depression and anxiety were a primary symptom but part of something bigger. 

Only got 4 weeks to go now but I'm sure that they'll go by at a snail's pace :)


The Neurologist will more than likely order a DATScan so you will have another wait after that...


Hi, Portster 1987 --

Try not to worry during your four-week wait.  The medications for PD (if that is your final diagnosis) are very effective for most people.  Although I didn't experience depression, I had the lack of arm swing, awkward gait, and typical poor posture prior to taking any meds.  My right side, particularly my hand, could not keep up with my left side in anything.  When I washed my hands, the left hand did all the work.  When I played the piano, the melody disappeared.

But for over 20 years now I have been taking PD medications, and people who meet me usually do not guess I have any disability.  If you find the right combination of pills, most of the symptoms can be counteracted, at least for a time.  Although I am aware of my illness every day, it has not changed my life in a very big way.

Good luck with your appointment.



HI J, 


Thank you for your comment. I can most definitely relate to the hand washing, I figured it was just that my left side is my dominant side anyway but the right hand literally sits there static when I wash my hands. How peculiar! 


most likely! Id rather they were thorough in their investigations though and so I suppose I'll have to deal with the additional waiting.


Hi protester. I am 68 been diagnosed a year but pretty sure have had pd about 4years. same as you regarding the anxiety and depression, seems the standard response to most things. Lack of swing in the right arm, generally feeling pretty lousy.Medication has helped. Hope it helps you too. X


Hello J. I love reading your posts you always sound so positive. I have been diagnosed a year but think have had pd for about 4 years. Only on 3 times a day co_cardlopa. Could feel better but could feel worse. Wish I could get the old me back and feel normal again. Sorry to moan x


Hi, Rosiecrunch --

I am always glad to hear that someone has benefited from my posts.  My luck in the slow advance of my case of PD is almost unbelievable.  The only advice I can offer is to get exercise, stay as positive as you can, and experiment until you find the right combination of meds for you.

Best wishes,



I’m coming to this thread rather late, but I wonder why you are thinking of Parkinson’s. I think you should have a open mind when you see the consultant, because your symptoms fit at least two more likely diagnoses, and some unlikely ones as well. So don’t be surprised if the consultant doesn’t kick off with the standard tests for Parkinson’s. It still could be PD, of course. I expect the consultant will run through the possibilities. 


HI Mike,

No worries. I can understand your point for sure, I can't pigeonhole my expectations. To be honest the main reason I suspected Parkinson's was the weakness on one side and lack of swing with footdrop as that's all Google could come up with (dangerous to self diagnose this way of course). 

Obviously the consultant will have plenty of experience, or at least I hope so!


Funnily enough, Portster, that’s one of the symptoms that can belong to many conditions (including a slipped disc) . As you’ve discovered, Dr Google isn’t always the best diagnosticianconfused


Hi portster. Just wondering how you got on? X


HI Mumofone,

I have a follow up appt with Neurologist this coming Thursday to discuss MRI Head/ Spine results. Has taken a bit of time but Im hanging in there, and will hopefully have a clearer picture this week. 

Thanks for asking.


Hi Mike,

If I was in your vacinity I would offer you the drink of your choice! It turns out I have cervical stenosis, with C4-6 compromised. The spinal cord on one side looked similar to a runny egg yoke on the MRI! Still, I was surprised at this outcome considering it is found in those over 50's, ostensibly anyway,

My Neurologist is hoping that with physio (traction) and some medication I should see some improvements in my tremor, cramping and hemiparesis. He also commented that the spinal cord compression seems to have caused cervical dystonia, which explains why my head seems to bob and vibrate at rest as well as during various postures.

I have a sleep test at Kings College Hospital in the pipeline to confirm my REM issues but other than that I know what Im dealing with now and that's always a good start!

Thank you to all those who responded to this post and I wish you well in the future.