Possible early onset of PD

doctor not 100% sure and waiting on specialist date..only went to doctor as was tired a bit during the day and restless legs with slight tremor on right leg but only at times..wife says short term memory is sometimes bad in that sometimes i cant remember what i did the day before and sometimes major things a week before..fingers get pain in joints a bit which i had put down to working on cars since left school but i did notice i sometimes have difficulty in doing up small bolts or holding small things even writing hurts and is difficult...a few times i freeze while typing on pc or saying things sometimes repeating myself a few times as i forgot i said it and carry on as nothing has happened(noticed by a few people)
I am 35 years old
if does turn out to be PD,welcome.If it doesnt, welcome anyway.
the waiting must be difficult.
Good luck.
Hi Jay,

Welcome to the forum. Hope they can get you in this month. Do you know if you will see a movement disorder specialist?

Do you have restless legs syndrome?

Best wishes,
yes have restless leg..also cant really sit around as just feel like i need to do something..I cant just sit around and do nothing always finding silly little things to do even if its just dust on the tv or something silly like that
hi jay,

it sounds like it maybe pd but restless legs can also be caused by anemia (lack of iron) how long have you had symptoms for, have you had your blood checked, i was diagnosed 8yrs ago and when i was seen by my pd speacialist he asked for my blood to be checked as i had severe restless legs and it was anemia which once started on iron supplements went completley, but i do still get it from time to time, but the other symptoms you have not sure a physical examination and scan is the only way to find out good luck hope you get an answer soon. sue.
already had anemia test and was ok.
hi jay, with anemia ruled out its hard to say if its pd or not,people with pd dont all have the same symptoms maybe similar in some way but not exactly the same, mine started with weakness in my r/hand went to my gp who suspected pd i was reffered to a consulant within 8wks i was diagnosed he did a physical examination noticed my r/arm did,nt swing when i walked, he flexed my wrists to see how much movement i had and other joints and from that concluded i had pd he arranged for a scan just to rule out anything else, that was 8yrs ago i have been lucky that my pd has progressed slowly did,nt take any meds for 4yrs could,nt function without them now it has dipped in the last 18mths-2yrs but you manage to adapt and cope hope you get to see the consultant soon and get the help you need. sue.
I am also in my mid thirties and have been diagnosed with parkinsons by one doctor and parkinsonism by another doctor who believes that I have a rare neurological coindition rather than parkinsons due to my age. I have now been put on Syfrol for tremors. As well as getting tremors mainly when resting I also have unusual involuntary movements like one shoulders shrugging. I get restless legs, sometimes i get restlessness all over, i have rigid muscles and joints, poor coordination, a reduced arm swing and sof voice. The first neuro i saw had me convinced that i had PD due to the first symptoms were a resting tremor in my right hand and then it spread. Now he is not certain about the diagnosis. He beleives that some of my involuntary movements may be due to stress and also PD. He has left me quite confused. I live in Australia and we don't have specialist nurses and resources that the UK has. i wish there was an acurate diagnostic test. I have to wait about 4 weeks to see the neurologist again. I am having an MRI of my brain in a few weeks to rule out other conditions. It is quite stressful to wait. I was suprised there was another 35 year old on this forum.
Was born in nov 1976..I feel at times some days I am worse than other day..got my appointment for monday(7 august)so will wait and see what probes or tests they got lined up for me
Hi Jay,
How did it go with your tests. I am also newly diagnosed and am only 30 too. Where do you live? There are not many people with early onset PD in Sydney, especially women. I am having tests next week and hope to get an acurate diagnosis as the neurologist hasn't made a definate diagnosis. They are now not sure if I have a genetic condition that causes Parkinsonsism. I hope not as i want to have children and already have a genetic condition. Do you have children? You sound like you are coping well. I have trouble concentrating especially when i have restless legs and tremors. It is not easy to distract yourself.
Love to u - I was dx at 35 now 40
The waiting to be told yay or nay for me was torture and I remember only too well how terrifying it was.
Wishing u all the luck in the world
Vicki xxxccc
welcome jay to the forum:smile:im ali and i have bin dx for 10 half years now ,i was dx at the age of 31 ,but was showin signs well before that:rolling_eyes:all the sytoms u have described jay ,can relate to pd,as im sure ur aware of,but until ur dx jay please try not to fret,try enjoy ur life now and i no it easy for me to say but the more u stress the worst sytoms are effected ,wot ever the illness,i used to work in an infant school for 11 years and when sytoms were showin ,i totally ignored them and ignored people tellin me to go to the gp,the reason for this is cus i loved my job with 5 year olds,i ran maathons and had ran aginst many of the best durin my build up to my illness bein dx,so i was scared,and im guessin now jay u now ur self,so all i cansay is take all the tests u r givern ,try stay as calm as possible until ur told wot is rong with u ,if it turns out to be pd jay ,well life is not over for u at all,ok fair enough when i was told i did not no wot it was ,had to do lot of resurch in to it,but now over the years i have done good things with my dx of pd,ihave raised thousands of pounds for pd ,and i wont to contiue doin so ,so life does not stop jay ,things mite slow down and things in ur life may have to change ,but i found my goal in life now ,fundraisin for a good cause ,there is lots of things out there u can do jay .so im goin to wish u all the all in the world,and i hope u get a dx for wot ever ur symtoms are ,please keep us all in touch xxxxgood luck x:smile:
Am going back for a few more tests with a neruo in the next few days... I got a 1 year old son am finding him ok but struggle to do up baby grow clip thingys and the little buttons so i tend to leave them undone till wife can do them... I am still doing things I have done for years and will keep doing them as well..I got a motorbike and go out for rides at weekends and will keep doing that until I cant(I dont ride fast as i like to go country routes and enjoy the scenery)

whats DX ??
Hi Jay,

dx is a shorthand symbol for diagnosis (or diagnosed), in medicine anyhow.

Obviously has another meaning in mathematics, physics, algebra etc.

All the best,
i was diagnosed 30 but had signs since 27, my route went through the physio to hip questions to trapped nerves to MIR's through 4 hospital neuro's and the to the neurologist i now see at the national neuro hospital in london who within 1 min of meeting me (and this was still 2 weeks before my DAT scan) looked at me gave me a prod here and there and told me dead on straight (she is a tough one) i had parkinsons.... and to tell you the truth it was the worst moment of my life but i felt so completely relieved as i had just known all along but thats just my experience.

if you have it you have it and you just get on with things its really not that bad you just adjust, if anything the medication until you get hang of it can be more of an issue than the actual symptoms i'm 32 now and run my own furniture buisness with 2 guys and do everything i always did before, its just a small part of your life you have to deal with daily.

Still going to try and keep doing things i love doing for as long as i can and then will have to try other things..(no bungy jumping though)
only thing that makes me a little sad is we have a 1year old baby but he actually makes me happier to be with...

see where DX comes from now was also thinging it may have meant something else.