Possible symptom?

I am very newly diagnosed. Key symptom is resting tremor in right hand and forearm. I do have soreness in wrists and backs of both hands. Does anyone know if this is a symptom of PD? Thank you ...
Pain and stiffness, especially in joints, are symptoms for some PD patients, yes. Since I have osteoarthritis in my hands, it's difficult for me to tell what's what sometimes!
Hello Deacon Lex and J of Grey Cottage, the pains you mention are or can be caused
by PD I was going to say symptomatic but didn't think I would be able to spell it
Iuse a combination of Parrotseathemall and Ibrfenene they get me through the day
and had acupuncture on my neck I thought it was just a load of cobblers, an old wives tale but no It works my friends the pain went and has not returned,amazing
Kindest Regardes fed:sunglasses:
Thanks for the tip, fedexlike -- I have known acupuncture to work before and believe in it, too, now.
Thanks, Fedexlike. I am having my fourth hip surgery in four years on Aug 1 and plan on starting acupuncture afterwards.

I wonder if you have noticed an improvement in your hip symptoms since starting PD medication. I ask because my neuro made a comment about seeing people who had had hip surgery before diagnosis and that for many it was medication that improved things. That is not to say surgery is unecessary but hopefully meds are also helping you. Best wishes for Aug 1.
Hi Hikoi,

Since newly diagnosed, neurologist supports my decision to hold off on medication for now. Will monitor progression and see neurologist again in Nov. Aug 1 hip surgery is second revision on hip replacement done in 2011. Revisions necessary due to surgeon errors.