Possible symptoms of PD

Hi everyone, I’m after some information if possible.
I believe I’m having symptoms of PD at the age of 39. I just want to be sure before I go to the doctors. My symptoms are right hand shaking at rest, my right arm swings slower than my left, my right foot has started turning inwards as I walk, my muscle/joint are stiff when I stand and I’ve had a few memory lapses over the last few months and I didn’t take much notice until recently.
My hand shaking is only mild and once i start walking the stiffness seems to go. It was only after looking on google (probably a bad idea). I noticed my walking.
Does anyone know if my issues could be PD.
Thanks in advance.

I think your best action is to see a specialist, if your GP deems a referral to a neurologist try to request a Movement Disorder Specialist as they are more specialised in this condition. If you read my Bio you will see that my symptoms only started with a slight right index finger tremor.

Symptoms are pd symptoms but other neurological conditions can be similar GP can advise :thinking:

Yes they could be PD, but they could be other things too. Your GP will refer you to a neurologist. If you are right handed how is your handwriting? Small and spidery? And how many of these symptoms can you tick off?:

If you live near London you might want to consider getting your doctor to refer you to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queens Square, London. It is part of UCLH and in all the years since my diagnosis, I have always been seen by my Neurologist or a Registrar then my Neurologist.