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The latest issue of 'Progress' has a section on 'A gut feeling about Parkinson's ' which is a very belated recognition of work done almost 20 years ago by Heiko Braak and others demonstrating the origin of PD to be in the gut/brain nerve circuits and presumed the cause to be toxin of some sort from the gut.

It is highly logical to suppose that long-term damage to a small part of the feedback from gut to brain to gut might result in the highly selective absorption mechanism being disrupted and nerve damage resulting from that imbalance of nutrients.

As a result of this work the Parkinson's Improvement Programme was started 7 years ago. Some users have been on it for all that time and have noticed a return of lost functions such as armswing and sense of smell and better balance and sleep. Reduced pain and cramps and greatly improved fine motor control are also found. Many find that they are able to resume occupations such as artwork, playing instruments and cycling.

This is NOT a drug treatment but consists of food additives and supplements blended into a mix supplied free to users by the charity. If you are interested please contact  at   [email protected]


Hi Andrew

I hope you dont mind me saying hello but its nice to hear from someone who was on the forum when I first joined. I hope you are doing well. There does seem to be more and more evidence of the bowel-brain connection. (i would also point out the heart is between both on the nerve route and a lot of people seem to have heart problems such as AF) My only question would be - once the chain reaction has reached the brain, isnt it too late to fix the gut? Or is the gut the on-going source of the problem? 

I do sometimes wonder if my initial infection was due to a case of amoebic dysentery when I was 11.

anyway, cheers




Hi Turnip

It appears to be the case that PIPmix works by improving the damaged metabolism of the neurons throughout the system and thus allowing normal cell repair and protein cleaning up to take place. It may be that there is also an anti-diabetic effect. There is a suggestion that PD may result from long-term chronic sub-clinical diabetes or that this may combine with genetic propensity and gut bacterial / viral / prion damage. In other words a host of possible causes.

All we know is that this treatment method of food additives and supplements can help some PwP over a long period and it appears to slow, halt or reverse the decline in some people. We have a case of a person Dx 14 years ago who had reached the stage of needing to be fed and unable to raise the head for this to happen. After 18 months on PIPmix the person can now self-feed and sit up straight to do so. This is a major advance for that person who now feels able to go to a restaurant again!.

Another PwP Dx 7 years ago and on PIPmix from the start has regained smile, facial expression, balance, gait, armswing, sense of smell, fine motor control, good sleep, less pain and cramps and constipation.

So the healing process is slow just like the onset of PD which may be 10 - 15 years before symptoms become sufficient for diagnosis.


thanks Andrew,

would it be rude to ask how many years you have been diagnosed and your current level of pd symptoms?

I have been diagnosed 6 years and am doing very well but feel I am starting to get accelerating deterioration. 



Hi Turnip

I do not have PD as far as I know. My interest is as a retired clinician with an interest in Parkinson's sparked by being chair of a branch from 2003 - 2008 and seeking a different approach to the problem.




Still some users finding relief of symptoms with PIPmix - the PD tonic researched and now used for over 8 years. Info from  www.brainhelp.info  or [email protected]

Uses only common food additives and is anti-depressant, energising and can slow the PD decline.


This seems to be a fairly easy dietary regime to follow, with general health benefits even if it doesn't actually alleviate Parkinson's symptoms.

The main drawback is obtaining two of the supplements in UK - palmitoyl ascorbate powder and trehalose.  Cannot source them on internet.

Also, one wonders why two Danone yoghurt products are specified rather than any other bio yoghurt product.

Has anybody tried it?