POST CHANGED: the website will be down


Essential maintenance will be carried out on the Parkinson's UK network this week.

This will occur between 10pm, Wednesday 24 November and 2am, Thursday, 25 November.

There may be limited service or service may be interrupted during this time.

We apologise for the inconvenience.
No problem, we'll all be fast asleep in bed, adjusting our body clocks to Australian time ready for the all-night cricket over the next month or so.

England, of course, will thrash the Aussies over the 5-match series, and retain the Ashes. Get those St George's flags out!

11:30pm to 08:00am nightly on Sky Sports 1, from this Wednesday night, folks! About 200 hours of Test Match cricket - this is what retirement was invented for!


Will the Helpline still be operating, Ezinda?
Please note that the announcement has changed. The helpline will not be open during 10pm and 2am.
Good job the cricket will be on TV while the forum's down for 4 hours!