Post op pain


I had a fusion of my big toe joint at the beginning of last October (2014). The operation has left me in considerable pain and I still can't walk any distance without having to sit down. I was offered no physio post op and this has left me with such a tight calf muscle that the consultant thinks he might have to cut the back of my knee to help.

The base of my big toe is so painful to stand on and I am now 4 months post op.

Has anyone had the same op and same experience? I really need some help and the consultant told me that if I didnt like what he had done I should ask someone else!!  Not really helpful or what I needed to hear.

Please can anyone help with any suggestions.

Thank you



i had neuroma removed from foot and ligaments cut to 2nd toe . i did have physio but it was useless , mainly as didnt have pd diagnisis at time and thats why limping .

then saw neuro physio .... brilliant stretched out calf and ankle and now can walk nearly normally , still improving .

ask your pd nurse/clinic to refer you .

hope this helps


Thank you that sounds hopefull. I ll give my PD nurse a call and ask for a referral.



I did not have the same op BUT I did have a trapped nerve in my arm and had an op to resolve that issue. Two weeks of being strapped up from wrist to shoulder, far worse than I imagined and was never told about that and unable to use my arm. Then, 2 weeks later when I went to have the staples removed, the incision had not closed. In the event I had pain in that arm for months. I could not even put my arm down on the table to do my daily crossword, I could not bear a long sleeved garment even touching  the position of the scar

It took almost a year for things to improve and I also was offered no physio. As this is affecting your mobility I would suggest that you ask for physio but also give it a llittle more time to improve, after all it's less than 4 months .


So sorry to hear of your awful experience. I sincerely hope you are without pain now.

Following the operation on my foot, I had surgery to my shoulder too. I had a frightening reaction to the nerve block used and temporarily lost the ability to swallow,cough,talk properly & the left side of my face dropped. It took so long to recover, they were on the verge of transferring me to another hospital for emergency treatment. Fortunately, this wasn't necessary and I eventually made a full recovery. This they thought was caused or prolonged by PD. 

I saw my Parkinson's Disease nurse specialist today as the Orthopaedic surgeon told me that my problems post op on my foot are due to PD.My PD nurse believes otherwise and told me the issue is a problem with the surgery. Catch 22!

I keep coming up against "PD is a grey area". Would it help if the surgeons work more closely with the PD specialist nurses to help those suffering with PD post op. I believe that physio should definitely be offered

Be interested to know what you think.