Post pneumonia excessive shaking

Does anyone have experience of post illness excessive shaking.  I am unable to control the shaking in both arms and I am finding this very tiring and depressing.  It is two weeks since I came out of hospital and wonder if things will improve or what is the next step.   Any help appreciated as Ii cannot hold a book or kindle and TV is sooo boring.   .


i'm no technical genius but is there a way you could connect the kindle media to the television? or book via pc too usb stick to tv ?  reading by tv ;) if thats any help in one problem.

I'm no doctor farmers wife so i'd seek out a answer from them

 but thinking back to an appointment with my PD nurse she asked me '' do i think my body is asking for more''? she meant in any shortfall of dopamine my body is telling me by tremor or fatigue  that it requires more in my case Madopar, so i said yes, my dose was altered a just little and that filled the gap from too Now.