Post surgery of knee replacement and exercise

Hi, I had sepsis in May 2018. The virus attached it self to my replacement knee components which were installed in about 2012. After numerous wash outs it was decided that the knee needed replacing. To carry out this procedure , firstly the body had to be free of the infection and the existing knee joint replaced with a temporary one incorporating ‘concrete blocks’ to keep joint apart before the new one installed. This had to be in for a minimum of 6 weeks. I received the final knee on the 3rd Nov. 2020 and discharged on the 9 Nov.2020.So from May 2018 to November 2020 I was wheelchair bound because of stabilising problem’s. I had the operation in the morning of the 3rd Nov. and returned to the ward in the afternoon. That evening the physios arrived and i managed to walk around the ward with a Zimmer frame. When i got home i had physio attending 3 times a week. During this time i got to the stage of waking about 15m with a Zimmer frame. Since then i have gradually gone back wards as the more i try and exercise the stiffer knee becomes, and at the moment, are unable to stand even with a Zimmer frame. The swollen area has remained the same size through out, with no size change after rest. I am trying to find out whether any one else with Parkinson’s has had similar experience’s, or do i need to review the surgery. Thanks, any thoughts would be very much appreciated

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