Postcode Lottery

In our area we have two part-time PD nurses, each working two days a week, so in effect we get 80% of a PD nurse. They both report to the one PD consultant, and this trio has two separate NHS masters, and thus works to 2 separate contracts.

The two contracts align with the two local council areas: a District Council responsible for the whole of the county (apart from the City itself), and a City Council, which is a Unitary Authority, and responsible only for the inhabitants of the city itself, even though the city lies slap-bang in the middle of the county.

All PD patients in this area are on the books of this trio, but your postcode will dictate which contract you come under. If you move a couple of miles from the city into the country or vice versa you MUST transfer to the other contract, even though you'll be seeing the same team, in the same place.

This is because the two contracts could have different policies covering certain issues. For example, City patients here (that includes me) will NOT get home visits by the PD team, under ANY circumstances. Their only options are GP, A&E, clinic appointment or 999 emergency ambulance.

However, if you're on the more rurally-oriented District list, no problem. Home visit? Certainly sir, what time suits you best?

Hi Ros

Bit belated lol but just noticed your post on postcode lottery, how unfair but sadly very real.
I work in the NHS (for my sins) and see negatives but also positives in health care every day.
On a personal level have experienced P.L in PD and Cancer services.
We do think we are so lucky that we have a brilliant PD Nurse who although always stretched does always get back to us .
We feel she has gone that extra mile since she has been involved with o/h .but surely evidence should show that this is not the case in lots of areas, If PUK funds some of these posts who decides where they are placed ? .

As i have mentioned o/h due to go into hospital end of this month to have Duadopa pump fitted, our PD nurse has been pivotal in supporting the application for funding for this and she also has lots of knowledge in this area.
I know the cost is expensive but was really shocked to find out that other half was only the 107th person in the Uk and northern Ireland since Duadopa pump was started (2002)I think , and that different HA and PCT's have different criteria for applications for funding is this fair ?

If this is as good as reports and research say it is why is it not suitable/available for more PWP.

Sorry moan over xxx