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I really do not understand why some people feel others are posting too much. Its a free country. It doesn't matter how many times people want to post. The forum is afterall here to be used. Advice, support and friendship can be gained by posting. It is ridiculous to spend time worrying about how many times members have posted.
Hear hear. If that's all people have got to worry about...
Oh Oh ,

I am just catching up with things and have posted 3 comments , its the sin bin for me.

Tulip :grin:
Tut tut Tulip! :laughing:
I can't believe that someone has complained about a member posting too much on the forum. How sad is that!

This forum is a life line for many members and maybe the only opportunity that they have to express their worries and concerns.It is often easier to do so from behind a computer screen.

Those same members also receive supportive and informative replies to their posts when they most need them.

Do not deny them that.
I myself have no problems with people posting a lot especialy when it is on the chatroom, without these people there would be days when very lttle is posted. PD sufferes often are housebound and by themselves most of the day and if you take away this outlet to express themselves!... I thought the site was more than an outlet for questions and answers ,I thought it was some where we could go when we were lonely.
I don't post a lot because I'm still new to the site, and I don't always have anything helpful to say - however I do like to read new posts from people, whether they be helpful, asking for help or just entertaining - and I don't care who posts them, or how many times they have posted things before. When I come to the site I always go the the 'latest activity' and if nothing has changed since the last time I looked I am dissapointed. This site has been a godsend to me over the past month. Perhaps I should just post more, irrespective of whether it serves any purpose, to dilute the mix!
Keep on posting!!!!!
:fearful:Ooo er!! Hope it wasn't me! I just joined and had a few questions!:confused:

Thought that was the whole idea of message boards anyway!
Dont worry it was not you , keep right on posting and keeping the site interesting .
Catsmother , I agree fully with what your saying about this site , I think it is a good outlet for all our PD worries .
Plus it has a humerous side to it which makes me laugh , something which i dont do very often .

Mr Moderator ,

The smillie faces dont seem to be working ?

have found more help and support reading the messages than i have had in 26 years from medical profession.thank you
Does anyone know if this site will ever be updated. It should be like Messenger
Blimey tos, you've only been here a day and you've already reconstructed the site twice! :laughing:

There are many people on this site that I have enjoyed chatting to, however, there are also some very nasty bullies. If the cap fits I'm sure you will wear it. On this basis I will be no longer posting. Thiss sort of behaviour is not what I expected. There are some people out there whoc are obvioulsey sick in more ways that pd. I will not tolerate nastiness, bullying or any other such I'm out.

Thanks for the support from those that have been able to offer it. Ali J. Do not tolerate bullying. You haave come a long way...dont slip back.

Sorry you are leaving the forum, hope you change your mind.ANGEL4U:disappointed:
glenchass, I am sorry that you are leaving the forum. I too hope you change your mind. Why do some people behave like this? The forum is for everyone, to give advice, support and friendship. Why do some, it seems, like to try and ruin things for others.

Hi glenchass. I don't understand what has been going on. I have noticed that one contributor no longer seems to be posting and quarrels do break out among us but I hope that you will post again if you feel that you would like to.
I have had a lot of support from the forum and appreciate any posters that have helped me and others.
Best wishes flo
Cheers Kyle Form the messages i have received i think its got no chance of happening .Would be good to see who we are talking to tho .