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  Hello and good morning.

            I was wondering if any of you kind people could assist . I would like to post some photos on the Forum can anyone advise me on how to go about it, posting pics that is, all help greatly appreciated.

                                                 FEDEXLIKE or fedexlike or Fedquestion markbig grinsuns outcoolnope its gone againsad face


I hope you are well today.

I just thought I'd get back to you about your question regarding images on the forum. There isn't a way to upload photos as a forum member, the only thing you could do is change your avatar to the photo instead.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes, 

Digital Team

Hello Sophie Digital Team ,,,Nice?

                        Thankyou for that, I will try that later today, my techno head is in the work shop with blown fuses due to KIDS TROUBLE all fixed now .


you could put it on flickr or similar and add a link

  Nope there is just no  way of getting pictures loaded, darn it.

some holliday snaps


a tree


   I did think about asking you , but forgot to do so, I am always forgetting things these days, as you know I had to give up so many things which gave me great pleasure,(yes that as well)  so I am developing in many and varied ways, hobbies and tasks which I lost interest in I am  returning to, Photograpy being one of the subjects I am persuing with a vigour and I thort, or thawt, ,,,,spellchecker on the blink,,,warning!  warning1 YOU ARE IN DANGER,,, oh sod off ??? this latopt has a female voice telling me if I am going astray,,ha ha to late  for that im afraid,,,WARNING TERRAIN  !  WARNING  !  TTERRAIN,,, PULL UP   PULL UP, oh dear it appears to be likely that some time in the next 30 seconds my house is going to crash, well  I had better say my Farewells to you all"  WARNING WARNING TRAFFIC TRAFFIC, yes I know dear they are called cars, and you are about to be made redundant,, Warning Warning redu,,,,click,,,,Thats the end of her career, arent  these toplaps wonderful, totally reliable, faulyt fweee nover wrong go, WARNING YOU ARE ABOUT TO UTTER EXPLETIVES,, click click.,I  feel a trip to PC world is on the cards. Well as you can see a tuch of extremee slly behaviour there, so Turnip I bow to your higher intellect,, HOW DID YOU DO IT, very slowly please.

                              Any time now would be good for me,the very best of Kind Regards

                                       Fed, incidently Sir I am curious where on this third rock is your  abode,you seem to type with a rather pleasant accent,,,?????coolbig grinquestion mark

there are pobably better ways, to but upload pictures

put picture in flikr or similar, wait till google picks it up, search google images for picture, copy thumbnail, paste into forum. google can take some time and you need the photos id to search for it quickly.

i live in the most beautiful city in australia 1000m up the great divide

but originate in the Dunedin of the north

sometimes doesnt work if url too long



      Good  Morning Turnip

                      Thank you for the information ,I will now wind up the clockwork  system that my brain needs to  function, and procede . Also thank you for the additional info regarding your country you  do indeed live in a lovely part of the  world, if you happen to have a world ATLAS handy I live in a small town, or large village depending your point of view, its called Seaton Delaval, near Whitley Bay, Northumberland, Northumberland is the least populated county in the UK , when I was fit I used to walk miles in the Cheviots, a range of hills ,many a pleasant day was spent wandering the fells, on one expedition I found the remains of a  Flying Fortress scattered over a large area, the Aircraft was returning from a bombing mission in whiteout conditions, two of the rew died instantly five survived, I felt very sad as I stood surveying the magnificent views across  Northumberland,  happy days .big grin

                                                        Thanyou Kindly for your help           Fed


I'm just picking up on your discussion about sharing images on the forum. You can't actually upload images to the forum, however you can copy and paste images from other sources. Any images shared are subject to our usual moderation guidelines. 

If you want to share photos, then the best way to do this is to use a photo sharing website (like Flickr) and post a link in the forum directing users to the site. 

Best wishes, 


Hi turnip,

Are you sure you are a turnip? You look like a swede to me. I thought turnips were small and white and swedes were large and orange, like you.

Just an observation, please dont take it personally. I dont want to destroy your image (literally).












in scotland a turnip or neep is a large succulent root which the english call swede, and which the swedes call rutabaga. the english turnip is refferred to in scotland as 'that affy wee tastless thingy i wouldnae feed tae ma pig.'  

i hope all is now clear.

I have a particlar love of northumberland, bamurgh, lindesfarne etc. the place is soaked in blood of ages.





             Hello Turnip,

                                 Many ferocious Battles have taken place in Northumberland , the soil is fertile with the blood of many a English and Scot,never mind Viking, Norman and Roman and anyone else looking for a kicking, I have been lucky enough to have been involved in a few archaeological digs all over my home county I would take off the top 8 inches or so and then the team went in with trowels, I hardly ever went deeper as JCBs can damage the Artefacts. Most of the invaders if they turned up on a Saturday when Newcastle United were playing at home would be quickly seen off by the savage TOON ARMY,  the best of the best Roman Legions fled in panic rather than interrupt a home game.     Sophie I will attempt your suggestion but dont hold your breath, and gt50s I have been informed that when the English ran out of cannon balls at the battle of NEWBURN in 16oyonksago  they used Turnips to good effect,,and thus began the scots fear of the Neep so Turnip your chosen title has a illustrious past.

                                                       Kindest Regards  Fedbig grin

gt50s - Is this the type of turnip you had in mind?