Postings regarding ali j

Will the moderators of this forum please close all threads on this subject until this matter is resolved.

To the members please be patient. We know people are concerned and we want to give a definitive answer.

We are not conducting a witch hunt, we are trying to help the situation.

Further posts may jeapordise the process.

the only reason u wont theis thread closed is because some people r spreadin horrible gossip about me saying i not been in hospital and i need treatment ,and tha hurts me so much ,iam sittin her with a six inch cut on me tum and got nothing but me lappy for company and i am not allowed back on junction because of these rumers which are a total lie ,it is makin me feel iller than i already do ,how could you do this to me ,pds have let me on to speak with me friends so why not u lot ,why my best friends makin all this up about me for ,and makin me feel like im going to snap,