Posts on the Ali J issue

Dear All,

You are all aware by now there is controversy around a situation regarding a forum member on this thread. We have tried to act in a way that is fair. We feel that there has been great compassion and concern shown here for a member who is ill. However, no matter the post, there have been complaints on both sides and this situation cannot be allowed to continue.

It is important for all to realise that this is a forum where users are able to post anonymously and in some cases, this causes members to act in a way that they might not otherwise. Such actions can harm the trust between those sharing information and support about their condition. This is true even when those actions were taken due to illness rather than malice.

While some have complained of over-moderation, we do feel that in the best interests of this forum to remove this thread. This is indeed uncharted territory. Over the next few months, we will be looking at ways that forum members can have more of a say in how this forum is run. To start, we hope you will join us on collaborating on a set of guidelines for posting on the forum. Details on this will be posted shortly.

While we know that the decision to remove the thread may be met with some disagreement, we do hope that we can move on from this and toward improving the forum for all users.

Thank you all for the concern that you have shown over the past few weeks.

Best regards,

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Sorry Ezinda but I was obviously typing this before your post appeared. by all means remove it. I commend your handling of the situation and agree with all you have said
I also agree with whats been said. Tootsie you have written my own thoughts on this subject to a tee.
Lets hope this subject is now closed and the forum returns to sanity.

Well said Ezinda - I don't see this as over-moderation, I see it as an appropriate response to a difficult issue that not only treats all contributors as adults but also displays an understanding of the affects this disease/syndrome has on individuals which hasn't been much in evidence in the recent past (hence the adverse effect on contributions to the forum). This approach can only be positive for the forum going forward. :grin:
Thank you for keeping us informed,Ezinda.
That's ok with me Ezinda. I don't mind intervention if the reason for it is explained. Its when something is taken away without explanation i don't like makes me feel someting like that old series The Prisoner.Not sure whats going on.
All The Best
The Ali saga has not been disposed of as the forum comfortably imagines. It continues unabated.For Ali.
She is back to her suicidal frame of mind and feels that she has lost all her friends. To bar Ali from the forum was a huge mistake. She has learned her lesson and her doctor feels that she needs to be reinstated.
Please show some real compassion and allow ALi back on to her place of comfort.
Thank you.
I am writing to say that in my opinion the Moderator and Administrators have acted in an even-handed way concerning this latest turn of events. Far from lacking in compassion I believe their actions show exactly the opposite and hopefully the ban will 'encourage' the lady in question to seek the help she appears to need from the appropriate professionals if she has not already done so. I am extremely saddened to read that she feels as she does right now, but that only serves to prove she requires help, quickly, and that being reinstated on the Forum, immediately, is not the answer either in the short or long term.
how does banning someone from their favorite site on the inernet, encourage them?
I personally think that the moderators have acted in the only way that they could.
PD UK is a wonderful forum that helps many of us that have PD or people that are caring for someone that has PD.
The personal safety and the possibility to share personal experiences can only come about when all the members feel safe. I'm of the opinion that anyone that abuses the trust of the whole forum regardless of the reasons; be it, attention seeking or due to medication can only allowed to go so far.
They then need to be asked to seek professional help.
This as far as I am aware of has been done.

Someone once said,
"Moving on,is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.”
Let's just all hope that we can now move on. Supporting each other,
be it through our posting or friendships.
When the time comes if necessary we will have the strength to admit that we are not professionals and if the need be, we will point the person in the right direction, to seek professional help.

Maybe Ali j was in a fantasy world and just lost her way home. Don't we all go there sometimes.I miss you Alli and I hope you are getting the support you need.


Ali needs a lot of help, I for one could tolerate her attention seeking but its her abuse and bullying of fellow PD sufferers that is totally unacceptable.

I am not sure how she shows she has been "cured" but I would assume it would take more than a couple of days.

seems very quiet its all gone a bit gray now a certain person has gone.
Hi John E.

That's going a bit far, isn't it?!

Yes, Ali J was a character and it's very sad that things have turned out the way they have, but she didn't single-handedly keep this forum going.

Whatever the truth of the situation, I think the moderators have acted fairly and taken appropriate action. A 3 month ban from the forum may give Ali a bit of time and space to sort herself out and hopefully get the help that she needs. And when her 3 months is up, she may or may not choose to return to the forum. In the meantime, the rest of us are still here.....

The forum is made up people from all walks of life, who may not have much in common apart from PD. But we all help and support each other in our different ways. Nobody on here is more important than anyone else.

So please keep posting, everyone. I for one find the forum an invaluable source of information and support.

Take care.

Kathy :smile:
Good morning Kathy
Yes i suppose the moderators had no choice. I know we are all only guests as i said before there has to be moderation but to not feel like i'm a nobody its good to be told why. Which we have in this case so i am ok with it. And its nice to be aloud to have a sensible debate which if it gets out of hand will have to be moderatied again which is expected. Thank you moderators for coming on the forum with us it helps me feel less like you and us. (big brother type thing)
I haven't seen the forum for a few weeks - then this happens, and I missed it...

As someone who doesn't know what they are talking about, I would like to add my tuppence worth.

Its your ball, if you don't like the content remove it. If people don't like the removal of their content they can create their own web site forum-y thing and say what they like.

To be fair to Ali J, I have seen loads of contributions and never once seen anything offensive. I get into a bad place sometimes and it knocks me out of character for a time. I dont see banning as the right way to go, we should be able to self moderate, by that I mean the ability to press an 'ignore' button on those users we find offensive. Others may see be able to point the offender in the right direction.

Thats my view on censorship, but like I said its your ball/forum. I would only add, when its over moderated (and i'm not saying it is), it appears more your forum than ours.
I do not know Alij's situation but I think that the moderators are doing the right thing. Isn't there something called enabling whereby with the best will in the world you feed into someones distress and without meaning to prevent them from seeking appropriate help
Haven't heard of that, but then, I haven't heard of loads of stuff. I'm going to look into that though. Someone somewhere is 'enabling' my ever depressing mood. My money is on my Monster-out-law.

Thats spooky, as soon as I typed that the monster-out-law arose from its slumber.

That 'enabled' a feeling of dread, that its going to be a bad day, in the words of a song "#The shun aint gonna shine sheddyboa#". Now it has just blown its nose, father why hast thou forsaken me? Can't you see I've just had my breakfast. I wont tell you what that just 'enabled' in case you readers are at yours.

I saw it walk down the corridor and it grinned at me, that's tonights nightmare 'enabled' already.

Is that attempted murder if one is slowly sucking the life force out of one? Is that a law yet? Oh no, I wish I hadn't put it like that, now I've 'enabled' another feeling similar to that 'enabled' by the blowing of the monsters nose. Does that mean I've just done it to myself, the 'enabling' that is.

How does one stop this cycling of enabling? Its torture I tells thee.

Anyway its weird all this censorship stuff, by banning her, its just made Ali J a hero. All of a sudden I want to print off "Ali J is innocent" T-shirts. When she comes back, I'll be hanging on her every word...

So what does that say about my psychy? Don't worry about me, I'm off to see a shrink soon, well its the nhs so it might be 'not so soon', well sooner than it was several months ago when I was referred to the wrong place altogether... but that's another story.

Anyone want to diagnose me? What do I have to do to get banned as well? What does it take to get anyone to love me? ( appart from my rugged good looks, snappy dress sense and my GSoH )

What I'm trying to say is, its a 1st offence, your looking at probation tops. If someone who knows her says her doc said she shouldnt be banned we should take the medical advice and lift it. You get less time for aggrevated assault.
Hello Eck
It seems the moderators were being pushed into a corner no one knew if alij was as ill as she said. One group beleived her and one group did not it was turning into a slanging match.