has anyone else found they slump when sitting,i have cushions propin me up forward when sittin on the seatee cus of my bad back but i still get pains in my sternum bone,like as if me tummy is prssin upwards and squesing it,i no it sounds wired i carnt expalin it any beter,but the pains can be sharp at times enough to you think o god dunna wont to move cus u no it goin to hurt.ive been told its posture and i need to sit up more straighter so the wind pipe and chest is strate and my back if i can.does anyone else have the same probs,or had it and how have you resolved it ,please?:smile:
Dear Ali,
I would suggest that you talk to your physiotherapist. Stretching exercises are recommended to improve posture, but as you have additional back problems I think that it would be best to speak to an expert

Good luck!
yes ab ,good idea,thankyou x:smile: