Potential cause of PD identified

I don't understand much of the article, maybe because I was too lazy to read it very throughly. But one thing is sure, the article rocks. Seems that these researches might have really found the origin of parkinson's disease.

It's very technical but my reading of it was that the research has identified just one possible cause of the condition. As I understand it there are many factors which might lead to the development of Parkinson's.
there are many triggers to PD but only (probably) one mechanism for its continued destruction of neurons. you could imagin it a bit like the river thames - there are hundreds of sources but thy become one river. pd becomes one disease, and it is a disease of the immune system (the brain has its own immune system quite different from the res of the body). the actual triggers are quite unimportant, what matters is stopping the immune system.

the important bit is: IL-13Ra1 is found only on the surface of dopaminergic neurons


these interleukins (part of the immune system response) only exist on the cells that make dopamine. BINGO! Until now it never been clear why these cells are picked on. now we know!

the really really interesting bit is that the interleukins are good guys until, wait for it, they come upon.... oxidative stress. So now we can link the picked on neurons with free radicals etc quick give be a cup of black tea!

Don't quite see where a synuclein fits in. but once thats done we have, i think, a complete picture of what is going on inside our heads,
The misfolded alpha synucein spreads from neuron to neuron causing oxidative stress and the IL13 takes out those cells of the substantia nigra affected. Other areas of the brain are infected by misfolded alpha synuclein, giving rise to non motor effects of PD, but presumably they die off by a different mechanism.
thank you mister x for the link
and thank you bartobob for the missing link regarding a-sync

am I being optomistic in thinking that the causal chain is now pretty clear?

some event (eg virus, trauma, toxin) => activates ILs => kill cells with malformed a-s => a-s on the loose => oxidative stress => activates more ILs etc etc

does this look right?
Turnip, you sugggest:
some event (eg virus, trauma, toxin) => activates ILs => kill cells with malformed a-s => a-s on the loose => oxidative stress => activates more ILs etc etc

I interpret the science as:
some event (eg virus, trauma, toxin) => misfolds a-s=> a-s on the loose => oxidative stress => cell death effected by IL13 in the case of subs. nigr. but by other factors in other neurons
thanks BTB
the other cells being those associaed with dementia and anosmia for example?
Never mind the black tea .... if that's not the best excuse for a glass of red wine, I don't know what is!