Power plates and scyatica

Hi , I've red about the power plates on forum , and have been looking on line for research , only problem is  my back . I went to a friends who had a power plate ,my yoga teacher came with me armed with different positions that I had printed off.    I suffer from sciatica , having bad posture and making  the sciatic nerve very painful. I do my stretches and yoga routine but in mornings my legs are stiff and thought a power plate was a good idea.

    I went on it and thought it great.  To be honest we went on it too long and too fast .   Next morning I felt My muscles aching which is a good feeling as it showed the vibration was doing something ,but my back was agony!!

        I thought of buying a power plate , looking on line a lot use it for sciatica , is it the fact that we went over the top with exercise or would the plates help me with back  ????

   Anyone been in similar sittuation or heard about backs and plates, I would be very gratefull for help. .


Hi ponco

I'm sure that someone will get back to you soon. But I wanted to pop in and suggest that you try to get an appointment with a physical therapist. You seem like you have a number of physical issues that need to be taken into account when starting exercise. Check with your Parkinson's nurse or GP to see if they can refer you, especially before you invest in expensive equipment. 

I hope it helps


Hi, I go to a physical terapist who uses  Galileo machine,  I wouldn't use anything without a trained therapist's instruction and support.  The machines are expensive as Ezinda says and you could do yourself damage. I would ask around and with your specialists approval find a good physio who understands PD. 

Thanks for comments, 

          I am not going to purchase a power plate , after looking deeper into it I cant find  a review from a medical source 100%  , there are plenty of reviews out there ,and I'm sure power plates are good for some people but after talking to a physio and a yoga teacher I will wait to see if anything more comes out on the reviews.


                                            Ponco x