Powerful vegetable $ fruit extract replaces Sinemet!

I have been working with a bio chemist in the UK whose labs use powerful organic extracts to treat parkinsons symptoms and potentially reverse the disease through regeneration of brain cells! Dr. Grinstein holds private webinars every Sunday for his patients. These are amazing 45 minute seminars that you can participate in. You must be invited, so use my name STEVE ALTEN.

You can just listen or actively participate. You can ask questions at any time or have your own PC screen shown to other participants.  Your participation is very important for us and greatly appreciated.
Webinars last for approx. 45 minutes and starts at:
12 pm PST, USA.  
  3 pm EST, USA.  (or New York Time or EDT)
  8 pm UK.  
All weekly web meetings are totally free of charge.
An additional icon will appear in you gotomeeting panel, asking you if you wish to share your webcam. If you wish to share your webcam just click on that icon, once the meeting have started.

Dr. G's information is free but priceless.

--Steve Alten, best-selling author, diagnosed with parkinsons 8 years ago.



I would love to believe that this concoction really reverses the disease but I am sceptical.

In the first place, Dr G also claims he can also cure MS and cancer, and secondly, his potion is extremely expensive.

I am curious to know what research thinks of his qualifications and claims.