Practical empathy

I am willing to share my experiences of Parkinson’s out of a feeling of empathy for those who are suffering too. I know the difficulties of Parkinson’s. Indeed, it can be much worse when you feel you are facing a problem alone and without anything to orientate you. Therefore, I could express my empathy simply by saying, “Yes, having Parkinson’s is rubbish” and stop there. This empathy is important but it runs the risk of justifying and getting stuck in the negative. I prefer to go further and express a practical empathy, offering possible solutions I’ve tried to implement to overcome the problems I’ve faced. This gives others a landmark to react to and encourages movement from the negative towards strategies to cope.

I particularly enjoyed, as an example of practical empathy, Fed's advice on Parkinson's tiredness. I believe the forum should include both empathy and practical empathy
The kind of empathy you describe is the lifeblood of this forum. Whatever aspect of life with Parkinson's you will find people here who are willing to share their experience and listen to yours.

While we are talking about practical things people can do.... several people here have reported the positive effects of volunteering for research studies. Newly diagnosed people are particularly attractive to studies that look for biomarkers to predict the onset of Parkinson's.
If you are over 30, newly diagnosed (2 years or less) and who have not yet started taking Parkinson's medication then you are just the sort of person who could help the Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative

Details of this and other studies (including the small print) are at

can someone indicate were i find fed's advice please
I think fed's advice on tiredness is in another thread in the daily life section at: