Pramipexole availability

Update on any sign of my Pramipexole

Rang pharmacy on 27 Feb.   They have faxed manufacturer who said the supply of Pramipexole should arrive by 25 Feb.

It is now 2 March (OK it is Sunday) and still not heard anything positive.  That is 15 days since Pharmacy gave me the owing note.

Just spoke to a friend who has just been told by his Consultant that he needs to increase his dosage to this particular Pramipexole.  Now his pharmacy cannot get supply.

This is ridiculous!


don't sound good, hope it does not go on for too long

It seems that quite a few people have problems with Boots pharmacys , my local pharmacy is Boots and every time i have to re order my prescriptions they never have the Rasagiline

local small chemist no problems!

3 March

Checked at 9.30am but still no luck

Just got message from pharmacy - Pramipexole has arrived! 

Picking up on Tuesday.

Lets hope this does not happen again in 4 months time.


great news! who needs it tho when your ill

Interested to read these comments as we often have this problem and have done for many years (see my post on Glepark) It seems quite serious this time - havent had the right brand of 0.35 for some time although 0.18 still seem to be available. Anyone know any more about these "production problems" ?

Its is suppose to be the same but a cheaper version. I was given it instead of mirpexin and I noticed abig difference. Surgeries will try and get you to take the cheap alternative as it saves them noney some people get on better with the cheap version.