Pramipexole availability

I have just been told by my Pharmacy that they cannot supply me with Pramipexole as there is a manufacturing issue.  They added that all manufacturers are having this problem. 

I will need to get a new prescription from GP with alternative Med.  I will probably need to contact my Consultant to advise GP.  Before I do this and go through changing Med after nearly 7 years on Pramipexole,  I have looked on various sites to see if this issue is mentioned,  but haven't seen anything.  I run out of my prolonged-release Pramipexole on 24 October.   Has anyone else heard of this issue?

Is this in the UK? I've not heard anything, and was last supplied end September. I can find anything on a swift Google search, either. Maybe it's (just) a problem with extended release? Clearly it's a major issue if a whole class of drug is suddenly not available, wouldn't you think PUK??


Hi Weathercock, I have been taking  Pramipexole for a while and my local chemist haven't mentioned anything about supply problems.

This is in the UK.

Update to my Pramipexole situation.  I have spoken to my Parkinson's Nurse who has contacted the Manufactures.   It may be the suppliers to the Pharmacy who have an issue with getting it but Manufacturers have no problem and Pharmacy can contact Manufacturers directly with order if necessary.    My Nurse has contacted Pharmacy to let them know that it is not a simple process with Parkinson's to change to alternative medication and they should try to get hold of the original prescription

My prescription will be ready for pick up soon.   Thanks to our Parkinson's Nurse. 

My pharmacist has had problems getting Mirapexin for me. He has managed to find a wholesaler (after much searching) to supply the tablets. When he contacted the Manufacturers they said nothing doing until beginning of December.  I Have been taking Mirapexin since being diagnosed and dread the thought on changing my med. as I am so well at present.I will try and find out what the problem is.

Sorry for the delay in replying.  I hope your Mirapexin has arrived.   The manufacturers are the same ones my Parkinson Nurse spoke to when I had the initial problem.   

It is always a worry when we may have to changes meds after a long time with no problems.

So far I have no problem with supply to my pharmacist but I have just put a double order in for Christmas and New Year and hope to pick up today.  I will let you know how I get on.



Pramipexole Availability again!


I cannot believe it!    It was only last October when this happened before.


I went to pick up my Pramipexole prescription on 19 February only to be told by the Pharmacist that there was a manufacturer problem and he was not sure when the meds would be available - possibly 28/2?   He would ring me when they arrived.  So I am now left worrying again in case they are not ready by 28/2.  

I have heard from a couple of my friends that this has happened to them recently (different Pharmacy) and it was sorted out.

I am contacting my Parkinson's Nurse again.

Why do we have to go through this worry in addition to having this wretched condition?


Never had any problems with supply of Mirapexin or Pramipexole.

Sinemet is another story.

I am curious if a pharmacist would ever tell a diabetic patient that they cannot get hold of insuline.

forget how long ago but they said they were taken the old style 125mg sinemet of the market & replacing them with solid round ones so you can not split them in half,started getting round ones for a month ,easier to get out the packet.then went back to oval shape again,asked chemist if he could get round ones again,he phoned supplier only to get told round ones not available so whats going on!

Never a problem getting Pramipexole in my part of Suffolk. I always try to give the better part of a week's notice of my prescription, just in case, however.


its crazy i used to have to wait for my meds to come in,had a word with owner of chemist who i done plumbing job for in his shop when i was working,and ask if he could stock meds as im on them maybe for the rest of my life,and he apologise and kept some in stock.what im saying is maybe its worth having a word! or take your bossiness  somewhere else wink

like that boss iness lol

I do make sure that I have at least 2 weeks of any meds when I re-order.  I also have a pack of any meds I am taking in my suitcase which is packed ready in case I need to go to hospital.  I replace the packs regularly so they are in date.   So, I have another 10 Pramipexole just in case.

My Parkinson's Nurse has spoken to the manufacturer who say the pharmacist needs to contact them and obtain some 'emergency supplies' if there is a shortage.  Some problems exist but the drug company assured him they have stock of all doses.  It may be that the wholesaler cannot get them.  The pharmacy can arrange for a direct supply from the manufacturer if needed.

I rang the pharmacy on 24 February and they said 'That's not what they were told last week'  There were no 'emergency supples'.  They said they would contact them again and check

I have had no message yet, so still waiting.



Hi Everybody

I could not get my premipexol / mirapexin yesterday from Boots ChemIst managed to get some froM a. LLoyds Chemist but it is Oprymea / premipexol does anyone know if thIs one is the same.

It could be a problem with Boots as they only use one supplier.

Regards. Sugerplum


i find your local chemist is better than the big ones,have more customer relationship.

sorry i could not answer question sugarplum

Yes, Oprymea is a brand name for Pramipexole

Hi Sugarplum

when i went to collect my prescription from boots last month I was given Oprymea instead of Mirapexin which I had been taking.  The pharmacist said that if the prescription didn't specify Mirapexin but only the generic name then they could substitute.  Unfortunately i found that my symptoms were not as well controlled with oprymea so I had to get the PD nurse to write to my doctors asking that Mirapexin be entered on subsequent prescriptions.  It took about three attempts for the doctors surgery to get that right as the letter had not arrived but i was running out of medication.  Hopefully this will not happen again but I now know to check every prescription before handing it into Boots.  I was quite surprised at how different i felt on Oprymea as it appeared to be more or less the same as Mirapexin.


Thanks for reply Semele and Camargue

I wasn't sure whether to except the Oprymea but as the pharmacy could not find any Mirapexin felt it was better than nothing, so will see how it goes.  It is a pain the pharmacies not being able to get the medications it is the fourth time I have had trouble with different meds, last time it was the Rasagalin, it is something we could do without!! See what happens next month.